Diamond CBD – Reviews, Results, Benefits and Side Effects [Updated for 2022]

  1. CBD gummies that are worth spending your money on sold by Diamond CBD: Yum Yum Gummies 3500mg , Delta-8 THC Extreme gummies bundle andOVERDOSE CBD & Delta-8 gummies bundle
  2. Diamond CBD’s best CBD gummies with all the naturally occuring canabinoids: Yum Yum Gummies 3500mg (they also comestrengths of 1500 mg )and Relax full spectrum cbd gummy bears 3500mg .
  3. Diamond CBD’s top edible Delta-8 CBD gummies: Chill Plus Delta 8 Extreme 1250 mg Tropical mix andChill Plus Delta Force Square gummies 1000x . Also seefull delta 8 products from Diamond CBD (they allay anxiety, relieve pain and they calm frayed nerves letting you enjoy peace).
  4. Best CBD oils from Diamond CBD: Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil Р1000X and Unflavored Diamond CBD Oil – 1000 mg
  5. Best CBD gummies for enhancing sleep: Relax full spectrum CBD gummies with melatonin . Also see the full catalog of Diamond CBD products for sleep .
  6. CBD Gummies bundle to buy for calming mood and relieving anxiety: CBD calm mood bundle from Diamond CBD
  7. Top ointments and creams from Diamond CBD: Collection of CBD Creams from Diamond CBD.

Our Diamond CBD review today will look into Diamond’s CBD products. These products entered the market some years back as the CBD legislation movement began.

Since then, the brand grew thanks to its focus on doing CBD research and dedication to providing healthy cbd products.

With the increasing number of CBD products on the market, buying high-quality products is becoming even more challenging today than ever. As such, the CBD market is increasingly booming. That gives customers a great chance to find the best products.

This means you have access to a wider range of CBD products, including hemp-infused chews to gummies. You can get an endless list of products that contain hemp extract.

Even then, there are several things you should keep in mind since the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) doesn’t run tests on Cannabidiol products meaning the CBD market is completely unregulated.

As a result, there’s an increased chance of having shady business people out to make quick money without considering consumers’ well-being.

CBD buyers have a hard time deciding on the right option when shopping online and face challenges figuring out whether what they’re getting is of top quality or not.

Nevertheless, we’re here to help. Keep reading our Diamond CBD review to find out whether the company is worth buying from and the types of products they offer.

Diamond CBD Overview

Founded in 2015, Diamond CBD has primarily focused on researching and developing innovative cbd extracts products and making them more accessible worldwide.

The company was created by a group of innovators who were tired of using low-quality cbd extract products. Therefore, Diamond chose to produce its own.

Accessible from all 50 states, this brand’s wide variety of CBD products is made from the purest and finest CBD. This ensures you get products that contain the best hemp plant available.

The company, Diamond CBD gets its cbd raw materials from Colorado and Scandinavia. This is crucial because these regions are well-known for producing top-quality cbd.

Diamond CBD also prioritizes transparency. This is shown in how they label their product’s packaging, the availability of their customer service, and even the lab reports they share on their website.The manufacturer wants customers to be familiar with what they’ll get once they purchase from them. As such, the brand infuses Delta-8 THC in its products. This is a much less powerful form of the common Delta-9 THC contained in most cannabis products.

This specific strain is extracted from hemp plants, so it’s potentially legal in regions where Delta-9 isn’t.

Based in Florida, Diamond CBD continues to carry out research and come up and deliver new and more innovative CBD products.

Most Diamond CBD products are THC-free while others contain under 0.3 percent THC. The company ensures they clearly indicate whether the product has THC or not.

Also, once you buy a CBD product from Diamond, it includes suggestions of consumption methods. You’ll also find instructions written on the label. Also, you can check out the online description of the product to get such information.

diamond cbd delta 8 thc gummies

Diamond CBD Pros and Cons

Our Diamond review will explore the company’s best-selling products. Before that, we’ll have a quick look at their pros and negatives: Pros Diamond CBD offers leading CBD products in the market, which include edibles, oils, skincare, and creams

Their transparent approach means third-party lab testers examine the products for safety and quality. Also, their certificates of analysis to verify this, and it is clearly labeled on the packagingPromotes sustainable hemp plant farming and sources hemp from non-GMO farms Achieves a grounded and balanced effect by combining Delta-8 strain with Full spectrum CBD

Subscription can you save up to 60 percent

Through the Diamond rewards program, you can earn points that you use to redeem rewards

Referring a friend gets you a $20 coupon you can use on the next order you makeCons

  • Some buyers claim that they noticed no effects when using the gummies. Others don‚Äôt consider gummies as tasty enough

Fortunately, Diamond CBD offers a range of CBD products you can use for calmer nerves and help speed up recovery from injuries.

We‚Äôll look at the brand’s bestsellers, including their vape liquids, Delta-8 CBD oils, the popular CBD gummies, alongside other useful products for pain and stress relief.

What Diamond CBD Has In Store For You

#1.Diamond CBD Oils

diamond cbd oils

Diamond CBD offers a wide selection of CBD oils in different potencies from CBD isolates full spectrum CBD, and broad spectrum CBD.With a choice of just about 200 CBD oils, this should be your first stop when you‚Äôre shopping for CBD oils. You’ll like the way you can easily move “up the ladder” as far as CBD strength is concerned. That‚Äôs because the potencies vary from beginner strength to ultra-high. When considering the CBD potency scale, the Diamond CBD oils have potencies that range from 100 mg to 3,500mg of CBD in each package. Also, you can access special blends that support you with things like stress and sleep support. Specialty oils that are infused with olive oil and MCT oil are developed to give you a wellness boost and a touch of added propulsion.

This gives you the vitality to go out and live the day. As concerns the type and flavor, Diamond CBD oil full catalog essentials are hard to beat.

For instance, you’ll get huge flavors like honey, watermelon, cappuccino, French vanilla, and more. It comes as no surprise that this company offers one of the best collections of CBD oils flavors on the market.Isolate CBD, Full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum CBD products are well represented nicely in Diamond’s CBD catalog of products.

All these items offered in Diamond’s CBD oils compilation are THC-free, non-GMO, pesticide-free products. What’s more, they’re developed in the United States following the highest standards.

#2.Diamond CBD Capsules

diamond cbd capsules

These CBD capsules are a convenient way of taking CBD. They’re easy to swallow plus you can take them without drawing much attention.

Fortunately, these capsules come in different formulas. That means that you get to choose a bottle based on the health issues you want to treat.For example, if you experience sleep problems, you could use Meds Biotech CBD that contains Melatonin capsules. Also, for better digestion, consider using the Oat Fiber Capsules from Biotech CBD.

Also, you can buy bundled products for when you want to shed weight or if you want to focus on beauty and your skin.

When you don’t want to have extra ingredients in your CBD capsules, then consider getting the Isolate Capsules from Diamond CBD. Each jar contains 200mg of CBD plus you’ll have 20 capsules in each.

#3.Diamond CBD for Pets

diamond cbd for pets

This company offers over two dozen CBD products that are customized for furry four-legged customers. This is the one CBD store you’ll need for your furry friends!

Most stores offer 1 or 2 standard products for their four-legged customers. When getting your product from Diamond CBD, you’ll get a wide range of products that are designed with your pets in mind.

The products catalog includes edible treats and CBD oils for pets. Additionally, Diamond CBD has bundles containing both CBD edibles and oils.Also, you’ll appreciate the collections’ specialty aspect. Aside from the standard wellness formulas, the company offers oils and treats made using formulas designed purposely for small, medium, and large pet breeds.

Additionally, the products are separated for dogs and cats to ensure that you have a tailor-made formula for your pet.

#4.Diamond CBD Gummies & Edibles

Here you’ll find candies, treats, and yum yum gummies that bring together a sweet tooth and wellness.

Diamond CBD offers a mini-market of edibles for different needs. Diamond CBD has a vast catalog of gummies with varying flavors and potencies. So you can browse in per-container doses ranging from 250 mg to 1,000mg of CBD.Some of the Diamond CBD products include Liquid Gold gummies, chill plus gummies, gummy worms, CBD chill gummies, gummy bears, yum yum gummies, and more. So, if you’re shopping for a fun and yummy edibles source, then Diamond CBD edibles might be what you need for your chill plus and yum yum gummy cravings.

Also, you’ll get cake pops, shots, chocolates, and other treats and sweets infused with top-quality industrial cbd oils. Also, you’ll find everything from high-potency treats to low-dose nibbles.The Diamond CBD online store is worth your time if you’re looking for specialty edibles that are difficult to find.

For example, Diamond CBD offers infused honey sticks, banana chips, hot sauce, peanut butter, and cooking oil.

#5.Diamond CBD Creams

Diamond CBD offers a collection of ointments and creams to cover all your bases. A major portion of this collection focuses on CBD oil that treats strained, tired, and aching muscles.

Also, if you‚Äôd rather have CBD Oral Drops instead of creams, this store has them too. Along with pain-relief and performance formulas, Diamond CBD offers a huge mix of roll-ons and gels for topical use.So, make sure you choose the right CBD topicals that target your specific pain points. Also, Diamond CBD has a “beauty bar.” That‚Äôs where you have creams developed to beautify and nourish your skin.

As such, many people have had success when using CBD creams for clearing up different skin conditions and even reducing signs of aging.Some of Diamond CBD’s topical collections include antioxidant creams, eye creams, and vitamin-C creams. Also, you’ll notice that the serums and creams are reasonably priced for each ounce if you compare them against your basic “drugstore” skin cream or moisturizer.

#6. Crystal Dabs Isolate From Diamond CBD

Here you‚Äôll get raw goodies you can use from a trusted company. If you’re shopping for crystal dabs, then start your search on the Diamond CBD online store by clicking on the “raw” tab.It’s important that you opt for vetted and verified raw CBD items. This is crucial especially if you like dabbing for the product’s bioavailability it provides.

It’s worth mentioning that the Diamond CBD crystal dab collection isn’t vast. Here you’ll get DuraCanna raw powder Pure Isolate CBD in 1000 mg quantities of CBD or the 10gm of CBD.Nonetheless, you are sure that the isolate you get has been tested by a third party for potency and purity against the top standards.

#7.Diamond CBD Drinks

The company produces CBD mixes and shots that make it easier for you to drink CBD goodness. Diamond CBD also keeps it precise when it concerns its drink selection. This means you won‚Äôt get bottled and canned beverages that are a lot harder to ship. Instead, what you’ll get is a solid selection of coffee pods, shots, powders, and tea pods. These selections let you adjust your daily beverage ritual while delivering you some CBD goodness. What‚Äôs good about the Diamond CBD drinks lineup over other options offered in pre-packed cans and bottles is that you‚Äôll be very discreet about what you’re consuming. All you have to do is pour your CBD tea, or coffee in your favorite coffee mug to enjoy your CBD every time you need it.

#8.Diamond CBD Vape Products

Diamond CBD also offers vape refills, vape oils, vape additives, unflavored as well as flavored CBD vape liquids. This company does an excellent job of mixing sophisticated vaping products with fruity yet fun flavors. The store sells Diamond CBD cartridges, vape oils, and vape additives.

Also, Diamond CBD vaping pens are well-known in the vaping community. Diamond CBD’s Vape collection contains a smaller flavor selection compared to its other CBD product categories.For anyone looking for Diamond CBD’s vape pens, check out the liquid gold vape pen. The Liquid Gold item is a selection of top-tier products by Diamond CBD. Again, the company has special vape additives for their liquid gold pens. You can also get liquid gold vape tanks on their own. So you won’t have to worry in case something breaks down. All the Diamond CBD products linked to vapes include unflavored CBD oil, CBD vape additive, CBD vape tanks, vape oils, and more. However, the strawberry and watermelon varieties are well-known so it’s likely that you’ll get a favorite to add to your collection. As such, volumes of the vape oil range from 5 ml to 16 ml.

Where You Can Buy Diamond CBD

The Diamond CBD products can only be purchased directly from DiamondCBD.com.

Diamond CBD Promotions, Bundles, And Discounts

On your first visit to the Diamond CBD website, start by looking across the top to identify a savings banner.The company frequently runs a banner with a coupon code you can use when checking out to get greater savings. The discounts and promotions below can be found on Diamond CBD’s website:

  • 2-day Free express shipping for orders $100+
  • Earn points via the Diamond rewards program you can redeem
  • Referring a friend gets you a $20 coupon you can use on the next order
  • Subscribing saves you 60%
  • Using the code DIAMOND403 gives you 50 percent off your order

Diamond CBD Subscription

When it comes to their range of products, Diamond CBD offers free subscription services. From pet treats to gummies, you can set up your subscription and save to about 60% off your order’s retail price. Also, decide on delivery after every 3, 2, or 1 month. With frequent delivery, then you’ll save even more.

To subscribe, start by registering as a member on their site; diamondcbd.com. Also, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, provided it’s before the billing date. This way you’ll avoid your card being charged for your regular order.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturer sources all their hemp from organic farms in Scandinavia and Colorado, Kentucky. The hemp is grown organically using non-GMO plants. Next, all the raw materials undergo extensive testing while in the raw form.

To extract the CBD (Cannabinoids) from the hemp plant the company uses CO2. This approach helps preserve the hemp plant’s flavonoids, phytocannabinoids, and terpenes.All Diamond CBD products always undergo lab testing for quality checks and certification. As mentioned, the company only uses CO2 extraction to obtain CBD Diamond entered the market some years ago when the safety research around the use of Cannabinoid was at its peak.

Quickly the brand became popular for its focus on investing in CBD research. Diamond‚Äôs focus on providing quality and affordable products quickly won them a devoted customer base.All the Diamond CBD products undergo thorough testing and are made following strict manufacturing processes. The company has shown extreme dedication to its customers and also its products. Diamond has also set up three ‘rules’ that their company and products are based on:

  • They only use non-GMO hemp that‚Äôs harvested from respectable farms in Scandinavia and Colorado
  • Only CO2 is used in the extraction process
  • The products undergo strict tests before the manufacturing process

Third-Party Tested Lab Results

All Diamond CBD products go through third-party lab testing for purity and potency. They publish these lab results online. By scrolling to the page’s bottom, you’ll find the ‘CBD Lab Reports’. Clicking on the links will give you access to the lab reports. Diamond CBD has a vast range of products. They bring you many forms of CBD products you can possibly want.

Their most popular CBD product is the Chill Gummies that comes in a broad range of shapes and flavors. A bag of gummies goes for $19.99 and comes to $0.07/mg of CBD.

Diamond CBD honey is an additional favorite that’s averagely priced at $0.26/mg

Diamond CBD Shipping and Return Policy

Diamond’s CBD products are shipped to all 50 states. Diamond offers free 2-day Express shipping for orders above $100. Orders below that amount have sped up shipping options calculated during checkout depending on your location.

You can use the diamond track order function once you get the tracking number in a confirmation email.Diamond CBD provides a 15-day return policy. But all their products should not have been opened. This 15-day count begins from the delivery date.

The order must have a receipt and the original packaging to show proof of purchase before you return it for refunds. They don’t provide returns on their vaping products.

After the return request is received, Diamond inspects them and they then send you a notification via email. Here they outline whether they approve or decline the refund.If approved, Diamond proceeds to process the refund with the credit going back to the payment method you had used. This can take from 3 to 7 days before the money reflects on the card. However, Diamond does not offer refunds for wholesale orders. If you don’t receive the refund right away then you’ll have to confirm with your bank to receive the refund. Also, Diamond doesn’t offer refunds on sale items. That means all orders must be sold at the regular price to be eligible for any refund.

Order Exchanges

To get an exchange, for instance, if your order you’ve received is defective or damaged. You should contact the company via support@diamondcbd.com .

Also, send the item to this address; 1280 Hand Ave., Ormond Beach, FL 32174, USA for your refund.

Final Thoughts

Diamond is a notable brand that offers a variety of CBD products. From many Diamond CBD reviews, it’s apparent that it brings you nearly all types of CBD products you can imagine.

However, with such choices, it doesn’t mean that each product is what you need. For a beginner, it’s recommended that you first take the lowest dose. In doing so, you’ll notice how your body reacts to CBD.

Also, when shopping for the type of product to try depends on your lifestyle and what’s handy for you. If your lifestyle involves always being on the go, then Diamond CBD edibles and drinks are for you.If you‚Äôre an athletic type, using CBD creams could be the best choice for you. No matter the product you try, be sure to first talk to your medical doctor.

This is very crucial, especially if you have an existing health problem or you are under other medications.

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