Designing Precision Cannabis Facilities: A Case Study

With information forecasting professional BDSA predicting that the world-wide cannabis industry will arrive at $56B by 2026, there is no time to squander. No matter whether it’s Oklahoma, New York or even Macedonia, the frenzy is on. Financial commitment selections are rapid, and you have to be accurate out of the box. This is exactly where an pro like Andrew Lange and his corporation, Ascendant Management, arrive in. Andrew has intended much more than 1.5 million sq. ft of cannabis services and moved them into financially rewarding manufacturing in North The usa and Europe. One of his active customers is Onyx Agronomics in Washington. Bailee Syrek is the director of operations at Onyx and this is the story of the critical factors in planning a precision hashish facility with point out-of-the-art performance.


Andrew Lange, a navy veteran, runs a international cannabis consulting enterprise based mostly in Washington. With a “prove it to me” solution, he often checks the finest new systems in the amenities he types. He integrates his know-how of what is effective in follow into his subsequent facilities. A person of his previous initiatives, Onyx Agronomics in Washington, commenced in 2014 and moved promptly into generation in a retrofitted warehouse. Quite a few of his greatest ideas began with Onyx, like some new improvements in the newest growth there this thirty day period. Onyx is a tier 3 hashish cultivator.

Bailee Syrek’s procedure at Onyx now produces 9,000 lbs. of dry trim bud for every calendar year in 8,000 square feet of cover. She operates the condition-of-the-art, thoroughly clean area fashion, indoor increase facility about the clock, delivering 2.7 grams/watt from each individual sq. foot of canopy in her creating. She runs a hugely efficient facility.

Onyx has experienced an ongoing connection with Ascendant Management and selected to leverage them all over again with their recent enlargement to enhance their capacity even further. Onyx uses a vary of highly developed systems such as aeroponic cultivation products and manage software package from AEssenseGrows to hit their metrics.

Precision, High-quality & Consistency

“I seem for approaches that my consumers can differentiate on their own,” says Lange. Maybe it is his armed forces qualifications, but Andrew demands precision, good quality and regularity in the operations he models. “Cannabis is a just a plant actually so we seem for the best performance mature methodology. I uncover that to be AEssenseGrows aeroponics,” claims Lange. “The AEtrium Methods provides a superior basis to manipulate for develop recipes and business enterprise method. I insert teamwork, communications, and functions methods to that basis.”

At Onyx, Bailee Syrek is effective carefully with her channels. She invitations her consumers in on a regular basis to review the Onyx cultivars and to include their excellent prerequisites. These can variety from bud measurement for their packaging to THC or terpene profiles (Certainly, channels do want each larger and lessen THC content for unique customers and cost factors). Primarily based on that feedback, Bailee and Andrew get the job done together to dial in the ideal increase recipe in the AEssenseGrows Guardian Develop Supervisor central handle software program. They push their concentrate on strains to improve the results in the direction requested by their shoppers. For illustration, “How do you get the maximum possible THC out of 9lb Hammer?” You’ll have to request Andrew and Ascendant Administration.

Driven by buyer requests, Onyx is introducing new strains to create on their innovative model. Bailee expects to get to new amounts of terpene bundles with Cheeseburger Jones, Koffee Breath, Shangri-La and Alright Boomer. Using Andrew’s skilled understanding, they can choose common sub-20% cannabinoid bundles and make improvements to them using aeroponics and superior controls, into standout aeroponic 30% packages.

The Onyx Eyesight

Andrew Lange, Ascendant Management

Bailee Syrek believes this is the most thrilling time yet for Onyx. Providing top quality quality cannabis as a white label flower provider for several years, Onyx is a successful and thriving small business. But even with doubling potential each yr, they are continue to obtaining difficulty maintaining up with shopper need. Bailee needs to get to the position in which she can always say certainly and accept an purchase from their white label customers. With this objective, she yet again engaged Ascendant and Andrew to get further than 15,000 lbs. of output in 2021 to make her shoppers happier. Beyond that basic expansion, she is also ambitious and is planning strategies for supplemental traces of income with their have proprietary flower, oil and by-product products and solutions.

“This enlargement will be a new problem,” suggests Syrek. “Flower creation is in our wheelhouse. We have tighter operations, with the most dependable bud dimensions, terpenes and examination effects in our condition. These new products and solutions will call for that exact high-quality but now in new areas.”

Her Path to Management

Bailee began with Onyx in a compliance posture that grew out of the consistent needs for government licensing and reporting. In that compliance role, she experienced the opportunity to work a bit in just about every office, supplying her a great comprehending of all of the facility operations and workflows. All of that working experience led her to finally consider around the operations leadership purpose. She instills care and exertion to keep the cleanest and most effective operations achievable. “With aeroponics, we do not have to lug soil from area to room or in and out of the facility. This will save us a ton of get the job done that we can redirect to plant wellness and maintenance,” claims Syrek. “Medical precision and GMP top quality is a specified. Just about every area on typical is 105 lights and one particular home manager and just one cultivation technician take the room from clone/veg transfer to harvest as a two-human being group.”

Bailee Syrek, director of functions at Onyx Agronomics

Bailee prides herself with effects. “Medical quality precision is normal for us. We use clinical quality SOPs for each part of our generation.” Bailee has intended these guides into their handle method that operates on the Guardian Mature Supervisor application. From sensor monitoring, to efficiency graphs to time playing cards almost everything is built-in in her effectiveness monitoring.

A quality focus is pretty clear in every Onyx flower place. Just about every watt of light electricity is transferred to the pristinely manicured canopy. Bare stems feed nutrients up to the fats buds at the experienced cover floor. Enthusiast leaves are eliminated and all attainable electricity turns into bud bodyweight and potency. The space technician has a enthusiasm for plant health, table treatment and plant upkeep all the way as a result of to the harvest bonanza.

What is the most significant problem for Bailee as she drives the procedure? Even at 105-110 grams per square foot for every harvest, they are offered out. “Every buyer needs to get past our capability. It is a excellent challenge to have,” Bailee states. “Customers want our top quality and enjoy the consistency. This is the most exciting detail about our growth. We will at last be capable to make further channels content with substantial excellent offer.”

This is in which Andrew credits Onyx’s performance. “Most very well working functions deliver 1.1-1.8 grams of dry trim bud for each watt of electrical power utilised in powering a improve space,” says Andrew. The Onyx mature formula outcomes leave this in the dust. Working Fluence SPYDR 2i develop lights and the AEtrium Program aeroponics, Onyx plants are delivering just shy of 4 lbs. per gentle with every harvest cycle. At 630 watts max output, that delivers ~2.7 grams/Watt, the most economical operation he has witnessed. The Onyx system and execution functions.

“Bailee is a great example as a skilled. She builds a inspired staff that executes superior than her levels of competition,” suggests Andrew.

At the same time, Onyx operates a remarkably space economical nursery with just sufficient mother vegetation feeding energetic cuttings into the 4-layer stacked AEtrium-2.1 SmartFarms in their environmentally controlled clone room. They deliver additional than plenty of healthy clones to leap from veg to flower in the span of a 7 days. Mature time, harvest convert time and no veg space, results in really successful use of energy in the total operation.

Mirroring Onyx for Health-related Grade Hashish in Europe

Andrew Lange’s recent passion is a green-area task in Portugal. Self-funded, Andrew says that this facility will be a person of the 1st that is pure ample in functions to offer non-irradiated cleanse-area-level-high-quality hashish outside of the precise benchmarks needed by European regulators. Present-day importers have not been able to clear the European expectations for cleanliness devoid of irradiating their buds. Other companies like Aurora have deserted endeavours to access the market place because of to the precision specifications. Normal solutions made use of for fruit imports use gamma radiation to get bacterial counts down. This was tried with cannabis to sterilize buds, but the difficulty with hashish is this degrades the top quality of the flower.

Andrew’s Portugal facility will be using a sterile perimeter bordering his develop room (moms, clones/veg, flower rooms) and harvest and processing parts (dry, trim, packaging). Andrew generates a harmless setting for healthier production. A regular harvest cleaning regimen is developed into his operational types from the commencing. All operators are skilled in strategies to exclude pathogens and limit all feasible transmission (airborne, actual physical/mechanical touching, or h2o carried). Every region is cleaned all through and involving harvests. Andrew is self-assured he will attain a steady amount of accuracy and purity past European requirements since it is plan in all of his types.

Certified Effectiveness is the Information

Fantastic Manufacturing Tactics (GMP) and Superior Agricultural and Collection Procedures (GACP) are necessary for certification and access to European markets. Andrew constantly builds limited functions, but in this circumstance, his Portugal facility is made with the suit and complete to be GMP and GACP compliant from working day a person with advanced air filtration and air administration in the course of.

Automatic aeroponics is a basis engineering that Andrew suggests for his facility designs. The computerized information logging, report generation, cloud accessibility and storage make this a foundational technological know-how. Andrew does get some resistance from cultivators that are utilized to the common soil media methods but he explains that program configurable develop recipes, precision controls, zero soil/no pests and hyper-fast advancement tends to make aeroponics the foundation of competitive gain. Exactly managed health care high-quality precision operations are crafted on best of this foundation.

The preliminary period of the Portugal facility is 630 lights and this facility is Andrew’s most recent personal expense. From protected perimeters to modular improve rooms and highly automatic machines, this location will be state-of-the-artwork in conditions of grams/watt yields and renewable strength with an output of 6 metric tons for every yr. Solar run energy from a 4-megawatt farm will use Tesla megapacks for storage and be grid unbiased.

Technologies & Innovation, Onyx & Ascendant

From his to start with knowledge with AEssenseGrows aeroponics, Andrew has been capable to style and design full expand recipes in the Guardian Mature Supervisor software package with pretty tight precision on dosage. This makes it achievable to create great recipes for each individual strain (nourishment, irrigation cycles, lighting and environmental management). This frees up the operations groups to concentrate on plant wellness and execution. The nutrients, pH, CO2, temperature and humidity, comply with the Guardian instructions that he sets.

Working with Bailee at Onyx, Andrew is now consulting on the put up-harvesting facet of functions (drying, trimming, extracts and packaging). In parallel with his attempts, Bailee is optimizing THC & terpene output on the cultivation aspect with UV lighting (contemplating much-right red frequency light recipe enhancements).

That is the Ascendant Administration technique to innovation. Trial, exam regularly, great concepts in observe. Improve the benefits for regular, significant-quality success. Even while driving for the personalized craft touch, use automation to maximize performance of mundane, but significant tasks. With these procedures, Andrew believes that the Onyx labor charge is a person 3rd of usual soil media improve operations. Zero soil aeroponics presents quite a few benefits. Bailee’s team is equipped to give just about every plant much more consideration and delivery far better high quality. Automation is a get-acquire for them.

Bailee finds that continual testing is handy for two matters: one particular, wonderful effects, and two, surface the best talent with their hand’s-on method.

Generally Complete with Individuals

Bailee claims that her staff members is effective unbelievably challenging. “We are a distinctive develop, with greater ergonomics on the position, aeroponics for precision and yields, and highly developed technological innovation at the main edge in each and every section of our improve. No dust up and down stairs. Folks are proud to perform listed here. We are not your dad’s improve operation.”

“We promote from inside. Absolutely everyone commences as a place tech and has the opportunity to transfer up. Groups are isolated by rooms so there is no contamination in between rooms or people. Set in the get the job done, and you will get promoted with expansions, and mature with the company as we get a more substantial share in the market place.” Feminine staff members make up nearly 50 percent of the existing team, and Bailee encourages staff to refer their buddies. “Good people today invite superior people,” she suggests.

Her schooling plan introduces the technical elements of their special procedure, the favourable anticipations and job path for just about every new employee. The social natural environment is friendly with fantastic pay back and frequent raises. Each new personnel fills a array of roles all through their 1-month schooling circuit and are assigned to a cultivation area beneath a guide as an formal cultivation tech at the end of 30 times. “One detail that we do much more than at other grows is constant cleansing,” says Bailee. “This is an at any time-present mantra for the employees.”