DC Approves Bill Preventing Pre-Employment Marijuana Testing

It just got a whole lot a lot easier for most work applicants in Washington D.C. The Labor & Workforce Improvement Committee unanimously permitted a monthly bill to protect against pre-employment cannabis screening. It’s a good initially step for the condition, which is gradually aligning the legislation with the mindset of the people, safeguarding them from workplace discrimination due to the use of health-related hashish.

Per Marijuana Minute, the laws was sponsored by Democratic Councilmember Trayon White. “This is an vital action in the direction of doing away with historic inequities of hashish use and making certain that these who use hashish medically or recreationally are not penalized in their function areas [for what they do] on their non-public time,” he mentioned in a assertion.

The new ruling makes it clear that no enterprises or employers can ask for a hashish exam from a career prospect. They make exceptions for police, security-delicate building personnel, and careers that have to have a commercial drivers’ license, operating with youngsters or with people.

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Even though the monthly bill seems really lenient, they make it very clear that this security extends only to safeguard potential workers. “Nothing in this act shall be construed to demand an employer to allow or accommodate the use, use, possession, transfer, screen, transportation, sale, or developing of cannabis in the workplace,” clarifies the invoice.

D.C. voters permitted medical marijuana in 2011, even nevertheless the market has moved at a glacial rate, jogging into roadblocks from Congress. While gifting and possessing cannabis is permitted in the point out, accepting income or any form of remuneration for it is banned, placing a damper on any form of authorized cannabis market place.

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Hashish and the place of work is an problem that proceeds to make complications for employers and staff. While procedures fluctuate depending on the point out, the reality that cannabis is illegal at a federal stage generates a large amount of threats for clinical cannabis people. For the time staying, in most states, businesses have a ultimate say on their cannabis procedures.