Cannabis Laced With Fentanyl Is Not A Thing, Cops & Media Should Stop Scare Tactics

By Joana Scopel

Over the earlier two many years, between law enforcement and some anti-hashish media retailers, frightening stories about “fentanyl-laced marijuana” have cropped up in the information although lab testing has under no circumstances confirmed it.

Does fentanyl-laced weed even exist? Leafly undertook a 6-month investigation and analyzed promises of fentanyl-laced cannabis. “Many of our audience are healthcare cannabis people or adult cannabis individuals. If they encounter a critical chance making use of any cannabis-related merchandise, we intend to permit them know about it,” Leafly stated.

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“The lie spreads from 3 sources: Faulty discipline drug testing kits, law enforcement departments incentivized to hype regional concern, and reporters who are unsuccessful to dilemma, investigate, or adhere to up on police promises,” Leafly extra.

In truth, Fentanyl traces have only been located in a single hashish sample on US soil — a single of 40 claimed in Connecticut, exactly where a condition community wellbeing chief admitted it could be “the initial confirmed case in the United States.”

According to harm reduction specialists, “even if cannabis was dusted with fentanyl, it possible wouldn’t eliminate a purchaser simply because fentanyl burns up at a lower temperature than cannabis.”

Even WebMD said that is a myth. “There is no scientific information that would validate the assumption [that fentanyl-laced weed is causing widespread fatalities] consequently much,” Lawrence Weinstein, MD and chief medical officer at American Dependancy Centers said.

In accordance to the Ontario Hurt Reduction Community (OHRN), there have been no laboratory-verified cases of fentanyl-laced cannabis. OHRN, claimed also that fentanyl has a higher-earnings margin, whereas marijuana has a lower-gain margin.

What’s more, fentanyl’s higher likely for lethal overdose tends to make it a negative option for manufacturing dependence. “The notion they would increase dependency does not hold water since of the lethality of [fentanyl]. Which is truly a myth,” Weinstein added.

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In addition, testing beneficial for both equally fentanyl and cannabis does not automatically necessarily mean that you’ve eaten fentanyl-laced weed.

“It is far more possible that that particular person also could examination good for other substances for fentanyl. [Fentanyl] is a great deal more prevalent to be applied in slicing opioids. It does not necessarily mean that other substances can not be laced with fentanyl, but based on frequency and likelihood, it is most very likely other substances that one particular would have to have to be analyzed for,” Weinstein concluded.

This report originally appeared on Benzinga and has been reposted with authorization.