Best CBD Products for Dogs and Cats: Top Pets CBD Oil Products

Since the Farm Bill passed in 2018, researchers have sought to understand how cannabidiol (CBD) can benefit consumers. As much as it improves the health of the human body’s endocannabinoid system, it also supports cats and dogs.

With the continued research on this natural compound, companies worldwide have started to launch CBD oils, tinctures, and topical balms that are entirely safe for man’s best friend. CBD is relatively common for various pets because they also have an endocannabinoid system. By using CBD, the receptors are activated for therapeutic and beneficial effects.

Since the industry has launched many different CBD products for pets, choosing one is overwhelming. With this guide, consumers will learn about the top-rated remedies on the market today.

Top CBD Products for Dogs and Cats

With the constant focus on bringing new CBD products to light, many brands focus exclusively on their pet line to produce more options. Though each company claims that they are the best, this guide found that the brands below provided high-quality remedies that exceeded the performance of the rest.

  • Holistapet
  • Medterra
  • Penelope’s Bloom
  • Pure Kana
  • Green Roads
  • CBDfx
  • Petly CBD
  • Anxious Pet
  • Hemp Bombs
  • JustCBD
  • FabCBD
  • Honest Paws

Read on below to learn how each of these brands best serves dogs, cats, and other pets.


Holistapet exclusively creates CBD products for pets, rather than combining their work to offer formulas for humans. It is one of the most well-known brands for CBD pet products, and it eliminates every milligram of THC from its products to prevent any potential adverse effects.

Holistapet includes CBD dog treats, oils, and chews to ensure a product for everyone. They even offer salmon flavors (among others) to make the CBD appetizing to cats and dogs alike.


Medterra has many CBD products, focusing on use by both humans and animals. The brand has three different products: calming pet chews, joint support pet chews, and pet drops. All formulas exclusively use organic ingredients, and only natural flavors are included.

To provide further support to consumers, the pet products from Medterra all have the recommendation of veterinarians. Every product is tested in a clinical setting with Baylor Collect of Medicine, verifying that 90% of dogs get what they need from using these CBD remedies.

Penelope’s Bloom

Penelope’s Bloom is another brand that exclusively creates CBD products for pets, offering a variety of treats, tinctures, and balms. It even offers several bundles that save the user money on their purchase. Consumers can expect to reduce their pet’s pain, improve mobility, and even nourish their skin with these remedies.

With this brand, users get optimum concentration levels of CBD in every product, giving them the maximum amount they can withstand.

Pure Kana

Pure Kana is already a top CBD company for humans, so adding a pet line is not surprising. Users can give their pets unique flavors with these remedies, offering dog treats that taste like steak and potatoes, chicken, and more. They even have a CBD oil that tastes like bacon.

Pet owners have posted many positive reviews for Pure Kana, making them one of the most popular brands for pets. Finding a good CBD product for a cat or dog is relatively easy on this website.

Green Roads

Green Roads exclusively produces CBD products, and they prioritize the stress relief that these remedies can provide dogs. One of the main reasons the brand has so many options is the anxiety-filled activities that pets engage in, including trips to the vet, aging, and separation anxiety.

Instead of exclusively providing the user with CBD, these remedies also include medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). MCT helps their bodies properly absorb the nutrients found in the treats, ensuring that the CBD is not digested and overly processed before it finally reaches the bloodstream.

Users also have their choice of dosage options to work for any pet.


CBDfx caters to the specific animals that their remedies are made for. Rather than offering “one size fits all” formulas, they specifically label their products for cats and dogs, meeting the needs of their drastically different bodies. Users can choose up to 2,000mg CBD per product, though some formulas have as low as 250mg per container.

The company uses different products for large and small animals, catering to specific health and wellness concerns. While pet treats are available to help dogs and cats deal with problems like stress or anxiety, separate treats deal with joint pain and flexibility. Users that want to try more than one remedy for their pet can also choose bundles of products at a discounted price.

Most brands only offer CBD oil as the topical solution, but CBDfx offers a pet-friendly CBD balm, which is meant to calm them. Customers can use the balm on dogs and cats to keep their skin moisturized as well.

Petly CBD

Petly CBD exclusively creates remedies for pets, and they do not offer a CBD line for humans. Most of their treatments are meant to be served as treats or a topper for an existing meal, giving cats and dogs a salmon or bacon flavor to enjoy as a powder. They’ll get the benefits of CBD without having to coax them into taking the products sublingually. Still, if the user wants to give their pet CBD oil instead, that is also available.

All of the products go through third-party testing, and they all use CBD sourced from organically grown hemp.

Anxious Pet

Anxious Pet is named for the soothing effect on pets with anxiety and stress (due to the calming effect that CBD offers). Most owners find that CBD helps their pets feel relaxed, and the brand has several packages available to do so (like the Calming Kit).

Users can choose organic hemp oil to help their pets, further supported by supplement bars and other variations. Plus, all of the formulas come with the backing of a 60-day money-back guarantee. Shopping on the website gives users exclusive access to auto-refill subscriptions, discount codes, and other savings.

Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs originally became famous for the CBD gummies they offer for humans. However, as the brand has progressed, they developed CBD remedies that are safe for pets.

The main products include two CBD oils for pets, available in either a 250mg or a 1,000mg bottle. They are human-grade quality, and every single remedy is tested in an independent lab. Rather than making big claims, the entire point of these products is simply to improve wellness and offer overall health support.


JustCBD comes with a plethora of products for cats and dogs alike, featuring delicious flavors that pets will gravitate towards. CBD oils are available in bacon, beef, salmon, and tuna flavors, masking the grassing taste that the oil might have. These oils need to be placed beneath the tongue, allowing them to hit the bloodstream right away directly.

The brand already has quite a positive reputation amongst their human consumers, and they deliver the same level of quality for their CBD pet products as well. The prices are relatively low, and they offer targeted benefits.


FabCBD explicitly sells just one type of CBD remedy – CBD dog treats. The treats only cost $17, and they help the user’s dog stay calm and relaxed. There are no additives or unnecessary ingredients (like corn, wheat, dairy, or soy), and there’s no THC involved. However, users will benefit from other natural terpenes and cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

Honest Paws

Honest Paws already has reviews from over 113,000 happy customers, and they are one of the most well-known brands for pet-friendly CBD on the market today. Users have the option of shopping by their pet type (dog or cat) and their particular need (calmness, pain relief, immunity, mobility, etc.). If users want to see what the brand offers in its entirety, they also can browse the entire website.

Some of the most popular formulas from this brand include Calm CBD oil, Mobility Soft Chews, and Well CBD oil. Every product from this brand is organic, ensuring that users only give their pets the best products possible.

Deciding the Rankings of the Top CBD Brands for Pets

Since every brand has a similar claim, the criteria used to dwindle the options was incredibly important. Every product is not the same, and this guide used the following information to find the best and worst options for pets.

Compliance with the National Animal Supplement Council

While supplements for humans won’t need approval from the FDA or other entities, the path to using CBD for animals is much different. They must comply with the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) guidance. This entity verifies that the company uses ethical behaviors, but it also offers high-quality and safe remedies for the animals that use them. Always seek the seal of approval from this authority to ensure that the CBD is effective and safe.

Honest benefits for pets

If the company didn’t offer realistic expectations about what consumers would get from CBD, they didn’t get a place in this guide. It is impossible to cure cancer or extend a lifespan to 25 years old and beyond. The brands with honesty and transparency earned the trust of this list.

Certificates of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) provides consumers with the origins and the chemical composition of the CBD included in this remedy. Any brand that aims to serve the public will give this type of documentation to consumers with details on the terpenes and cannabinoids present. More importantly, it offers indisputable proof that the remedy contains no contaminants.

Lab testing by a third party

The CoA only shows so much to consumers. The key to ensuring that these products are reliable comes from the brand’s willingness to have a third party test out their products. Companies show less trustworthiness when they only allow testing by a lab they directly associate with.

Reputation and track record

While some brands have been in business for years, others seemed only to make waves in the CBD industry when profits increased. Though the length of time that a company has been producing pet products wasn’t a disqualifying factor, the brand needed to show its reputation for high-quality and trustworthy products.

Human-grade product availability

Many companies that offer products that benefit cats and dogs have already made their place in the industry with human-focused remedies. Anyone who prioritizes high-quality food should also look for markings on CBD products to show that they are safe for humans.

No additives included

Dogs and cats don’t need a complicated diet to be healthy, but they shouldn’t constantly fill their bodies with preservatives. These substances – including soy, corn, and even dairy – can wreck their digestive system. In this guide, products without unnecessary ingredients (like additives and other contaminants) received priority.

Money-back guarantee

Every pet is different. From the flavors, they like how a treat digests in their stomach, minding an animal’s reaction to a CBD product is necessary. Companies that understand this adjustment offer a money-back guarantee to ensure that consumers don’t lose their investment if it doesn’t work for their pets.

Full-spectrum, isolate, or broad-spectrum CBD

Most of the time, customers want their CBD products to contain full-spectrum CBD so that their pets can benefit from everything that this compound can provide. Though the formula didn’t have to have full-spectrum CBD, the list considered the type of CBD chosen.

Free of THC

THC is the substance in cannabis that causes users to feel the “high” sensation that is often associated with marijuana. Though this compound may be enjoyable and beneficial for humans, companies should not include it in any pet product. Studies show that THC is harmful to dogs, but these products must contain no more than 0.3% THC.

Natural and organic formula

The best types of products for dogs come exclusively from natural sources. Organic-certified products are even better because no pesticides or additives will harm the user’s pet.

Customer reviews and claims

Every single product on this list has to sit well with pet owners. This guide considered the reviews posted on official and third-party websites to get a clear picture of what other users expect with their pets.

Approval from or created by a veterinarian

Veterinarians know pets better than anyone, and the top products on the market were either created by one or approved by them. The supplements that had a medical professional on staff were much more likely to be on this list.

Benefits of CBD for Cats

Cats and dogs have much different health needs and personalities to account for. Some of the top reasons that cat owners give their pets CBD include:

  • Mood management due to the soothing effect that CBD has on anxiety.
  • Stress relief, helping cats to alleviate symptoms of distress, depression, and overstimulation.
  • Pain management, which can range from chronic discomfort to acute physical conditions.
  • The improvement over the quality of life, offering benefits that the brand may not list on the product.
  • Improved mobility since CBD can alleviate joint pain and inflammation.
  • Both the topical and oral use of CBD can help cats with these concerns, though some formulas may focus on one or two benefits over others.

Benefits of CBD for Dogs

The use of CBD for dogs is incredibly beneficial. In fact, with all of the research posted to social media and other platforms, dog owners everywhere have found ways to include CBD for seizures, inflammation, and other concerns.

Some of the main benefits associated with CBD for dogs include:

  • Reducing and fighting seizures, though research is limited on the use of CBD as an official treatment.
  • Reduced stress for improved relaxation is especially beneficial for separation anxiety and other forms of stress.
  • Easing inflammation is a common benefit for CBD use in humans as well.
  • It supports arthritic pain and other types of joint discomfort, which only takes about 2mg of CBD to achieve the effect.
  • Deals with chronic pain, which could replace the use of NSAIDs.
  • Improve mobility as the inflammation, and joint pain fade away.

The majority of the benefits for dogs are how it calms their mind and body, showing that many general health benefits could arise. The endocannabinoid system of a dog or a cat thrives on CBD use, and new studies come up all the time to further show the benefits that have yet to be seen.

Types of CBD Products for Pets

Once a pet owner decides to give CBD to their pet, they may think there’s nothing left to consider. However, a few types of CBD products can help their pets differently. Is a tincture the best option? Should CBD be applied directly to their coat?

Read on below to learn about the four main types of products offered for animals nowadays.

CBD Oils and Tinctures for Pets

The most familiar version of CBD is easily the oils or tinctures. These products often come in a bottle with an included dropper, allowing the pet owner to portion out the CBD needed. It is easy to mix into wet food or water, though some owners can even directly put it in their pet’s mouth. The best way to absorb this substance is with sublingual use.

CBD Bites, Chews, and Treats for Pets

CBD comes in bite-size portions with chewy or crunchy treats for pets that enjoy the occasional treat. Cats often have tuna or other fish flavors for their treats, while dogs may have a bacon-flavored CBD chew. To mask the taste of the CBD, some companies include fish, beef, chicken, and other proteins so that they don’t know the difference from their regular indulgence.

CBD Creams and Balms for Pets

The CBD creams and balms are for pet owners to apply the CBD topically to their pets’ coats, allowing them to absorb the compound through the skin. These products are especially effective for inflammation and calming, using additional ingredients (like menthol) to promote better absorption.

Other CBD Products for Pets

Even with these options, CBD products are still quite a niche category for the pet industry. Brands come out with alternative ways to deliver CBD to pets all the time, even going as far as to develop a peanut butter with a CBD infusion.

How to Give CBD to a Pet

The way users will need to give CBD to their pets will largely depend on the type of CBD they purchase. The easiest ways that consumers can provide their pet CBD include:

Flavored and healthy treats

These treats are like any other treat pet owners give to their furry friends. They include familiar flavors, but CBD is why they are so beneficial. The treat is consumed in the same way that others would be.

Mixing the supplement into food or water

If the CBD product is a tincture or an oil, it can be added to the pet’s water or food to consume with their meal. Though the pet may take some CBD, the meal’s flavor masks most of it.

Topical application

CBD can treat joint pain, so some products go right to the source with topical application. The oil, balm, or tincture needs to be massaged into the coat and skin well for the best absorption.

Sublingual use with a dropper

Pets willing to consume CBD by taking it directly from the dropper will likely get the best absorption.

No matter what kind of product the user purchases, they need to follow the specific instructions to prevent adverse effects.

Isolate vs. Broad and Full Spectrum CBD

Anyone who shops the industry for healthy CBD products for their pets has likely seen phrases like “CBD isolate,” “broad-spectrum CBD,” and “full-spectrum CBD.” All three of these types have their role in the body, but the formula’s type will determine pets’ benefits.

Users get the most refined product with CBD isolates because it exclusively uses pure CBD. There aren’t other terpenes to benefit from, giving the creators more control over the remedy’s reaction in the cat or dog. This type of CBD also has no plant matter, so it doesn’t have the taste that deters some animals from CBD consumption. Isolates are less expensive for the creators to make, and companies that primarily offer cheap formulas may find that CBD isolates are their product of choice.

Full-spectrum CBD is much different since it contains every cannabinoid, terpene, and any other compound that the cannabis plant possesses. It offers an entourage effect, which means that users will likely get additional benefits that go further than the intended remedy. These formulas aren’t nearly as refined as isolates, and they often provide a grassy flavor to any product they are used in. Though full-spectrum CBD doesn’t exceed the legal limit for THC, they are usually closer to the 0.3% THC that is allowed.

Broad-spectrum CBD is a healthy middle ground between these two sides. Their taste is mild, but they still have enough natural CBD to create an entourage effect. It is the best of the three options for pets, especially dogs with a sensitive reaction to these formulas.

CBD Side Effects for Dogs and Cats

Before adding any supplement or remedy to a pet’s diet, every owner has the same question – is it safe?

According to the current research on the market, CBD is primarily safe for healthy pets to have in their diet. The wellness benefits alone are enough of a reason to invest in a supplement.

If the pet has an adverse effect, it might be:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Indigestion
  • Digestive discomfort
  • Fatigue and sluggishness

Even with a high amount of CBD, there’s no risk of an animal getting “high” because this effect comes specifically from THC. Some animals may have an allergic reaction, but cheap CBD products are likely to have the most severe side effects.

Any owner that wants to integrate CBD into their pet’s routine should first speak with their veterinarian.

Recommended Dosage of CBD for Pets

The ideal dosage of CBD for a pet will depend on multiple factors, so the best way to deliver these nutrients is to follow the directions on the particular remedy chosen. In general, researchers believe that taking 1-2 grams of CBD is best for every 10-20 lbs. However, the total concentration of CBD matters, and users should consider this amount when they portion out their dose.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD for Pets

Q: What is CBD?

A: CBD is an abbreviation for “cannabidiol,” one of the many natural compounds from the cannabis plant. It offers no psychoactive effect, and there’s no risk of feeling “high” when used. New research continues to show benefits for humans and pets alike in the use of CBD.

Q: Is CBD legal for pets?

A: Yes. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD as a byproduct of hemp, allowing it to be sold, cultivated, used, and distributed. It is legal for human and pet use in every state, though it must contain less than 0.3% THC.

Q: How much CBD should users give to their pets?

A: The total amount of CBD pet owners use for their pets will vary, but a good rule of thumb is to base the amount on the animal’s weight. For every 10 lbs., use 1 or 2 grams of CBD. If the pet is 30 lbs. in weight, they should receive about 3 to 6 grams of CBD.

Q: Will CBD get pets high?

A: No. Regardless of the dose, CBD has no psychoactive effects. Companies should never include THC in pet products at the risk of posing a toxic threat to the animal.

Q: Is CBD safe for pets?

A: Yes. According to the current studies, CBD is seemingly safe for pets. However, users should watch for an adverse reaction to keep their pets healthy.

Q: What are the best CBD pet products?

A: The top brands for CBD products include Holistapet, Medterra, Pure Kana, and Green Roads.

Q: Can pets overdose on CBD?

A: At this point, the scientific community has not seen any evidence of overdoses in pets or humans.

Q: Why is THC harmful to dogs?

A: THC can be highly toxic to dogs. While the research shows that dogs and cats both experience impressive effects for wellness, THC has a potentially harmful impact on the former.

Q: Is CBD psychoactive?

A: No. Regardless of use by humans or animals, there is no psychoactive effect with CBD use.

Q: Why does the user’s cat or dog look high after taking CBD?

A: While pets can seem “stoned” after ingesting CBD, they are not. Instead, there’s a chance the pet consumed far too much CBD for their weight or that they didn’t have CBD exclusively in their product. Contamination with THC is often to blame for this exaggerated reaction, and users should always thoroughly research the company they use for these treats.

Q: What are the adverse side effects of CBD for pets?

A: Some of the possible side effects of CBD consumption in pets include indigestion, diarrhea, vomiting, and lethargy. However, these effects don’t happen often, and most pets tolerate the proper dose of CBD rather well.

Q: Is CBD oil safe for dogs?

A: As long as the company abides by the law against THC use on these formulas, high-quality CBD oil is entirely safe for dogs.

Q: What are the benefits of CBD oil for dogs?

A: CBD use in dogs can promote more energy, ease stress, take away the pain, and improve appetite. Ultimately, it gives them a better quality of life with multiple health benefits.

Q: What are the benefits of CBD oil for cats?

A: Much like the benefits for dogs, CBD oil use can improve energy, ease joint pain, promote a better appetite, reduce stress, and promote better wellness.

Q: Which type of CBD should be used – full-spectrum CBD or broad-spectrum CBD?

A; Different types of CBD work in different ways. Pets with a sensitive stomach may not enjoy the grassy flavor that full-spectrum CBD provides, which is why many brands choose broad-spectrum CBD instead. Plus, broad-spectrum CBD often uses complementary ingredients for an entourage effect.

Q: Does CBD help dogs with seizures?

A: For some dogs, CBD is beneficial for seizures and epilepsy. However, few studies verify this benefit to state if it works in the long run conclusively.

Q: Does CBD help pets with arthritis or joint pain?

A: According to a research study at Cornell University, CBD oil is helpful to dogs that suffer from osteoarthritis. While it doesn’t eliminate arthritis, the pain management support can help them move around with greater mobility and minor discomfort.

Q: Can pets consume human CBD, or do they need a unique formula?

A: The CBD in products for humans and pets is the same. Artificial sweeteners, chocolate, and other ingredients in CBD products for humans are dangerous to pets. However, always speak with a veterinarian to ensure that the CBD and other components in these formulas won’t be harmful.

Q: Can humans take CBD products designed for pets?

A: Yes, the CBD is the same, so these products are generally safe for adults and pets alike. However, the ingredients that make these substances appetizing to pets – like fish or meat flavors – may deter pet owners from trying them as well.

Q: How can users tell if CBD is helping their pets?

A: Since a pet cannot communicate their experience with CBD, users can only observe their physical reaction to CBD use. Pets that seem to move with greater ease and increase their appetite are already reaping the benefits that CBD primarily offers.

Q: Do veterinarians recommend CBD for pets?

A: Since the research still doesn’t show concrete evidence of CBD for all animals, most veterinarians won’t directly recommend CBD. However, they also don’t advise against the use of CBD. Some of the formulas on this list were explicitly included for their endorsement from veterinarians.

Q: How long do the effects of CBD products last?

A: The experience varies greatly, but these products can work for up to 10 hours, though it is more common to see the reaction for about 1 hour. The age, weight, and metabolism of the pet all play a role in its effectiveness.

Q: How soon do CBD products start working for my pet?

A: To get a clear idea of how CBD impacts the pet, users should keep up with the remedy for about 30 days.

Q: What’s the best way to give CBD to a pet?

A: Always follow the instructions for the CBD product purchased. While some remedies are meant to be taken daily as a treat, other treatments rub into the pet’s fur or go into their food.

Top CBD Products for Dogs and Cats Final Thoughts

The market is filled with safe and healthy CBD options for pets, and the popularity of supporting beloved pets with these remedies has surged. To learn more about the CBD products above, visit their official websites and browse some of the research on the market today.

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