Best CBD Oil for Migraines & Headaches — 6 Top Products Reviewed in 2022

Migraines are extremely common among both men and women. Right now, in the US alone, over 35 million people will suffer from migraine headaches at some point in their lives. And no, that’s not counting the people who equate a single headache to a migraine. We’re talking about actual, diagnosed migraines, the kind that can cripple our daily lives.

Over the decades, doctors have put forward many different treatments for this condition. However, a recent method emerged in the early 2010s and has become quite popular. More and more people today are taking CBD oil and other related products to treat various conditions. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, CBD can help battle chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and a whole host of other health issues. But is it a good way of handling migraines? Well, we’re here to find out.

In this article, we will cover how CBD affects pain and how it can help us with migraines. But before we do, we will provide our top 6 picks for the best CBD oil for migraines in early 2022.

Best CBD Oil for Migraines — Our Picks of Products in 2022

Royal CBD

There are few people who use CBD oil that haven’t heard of Royal CBD. In fact, most of the time, the best CBD oil for migraines, or any other health issue, will be the one coming from this manufacturer. Between 2019 and 2020, Royal CBD has been appearing on the top 10 CBD lists from other reputable online publications such as CFAH, Juneau Empire, and Weed News; dominating nearly every time. And the top spot is well-deserved for a few key reasons.

Firstly, Royal CBD offers a low range of products, but each of them is extremely potent. Their CBD oil can contain as much as 83.3 mg of CBD per mL, which packs quite a punch. Next, every single product comes from organic, homegrown hemp and has been tested by 3rd party labs for purity. Finally, we have the choice of either full-spectrum or THC-free products.

There are only a few negative things we can list about Royal CBD — it’s just that good. One thing that might put off potential customers is the high price and the lack of flavor variety. After all, a brand as powerful as Royal CBD will cost a pretty penny. Moreover, some customers might prefer a different flavor to the one Royal CBD has to offer.

Royal CBD Pros

  • Full-spectrum and THC-free products
  • Made from organic, homegrown hemp
  • Extremely potent
  • 3rd party lab-tested for purity
  • Contains natural terpenes for the entourage effect

Royal CBD Cons

  • Pricier than other options
  • Little variety when it comes to flavors

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Gold Bee

How many CBD oils can boast that they have a natural, organic honey flavor and use that as their main selling point? The answer is “not many,” and Gold Bee is one of those select few that do.

Gold Bee is a spectacular CBD manufacturer, according to well-known CBD reviewers like We Be High, LAWeekly, and Peninsula Daily News. Their CBD comes from organic, homegrown Colorado hemp. Furthermore, their experts use CO2 extraction to get the purest CBD extract for their products. And on top of all that, their CBD oils go through rigorous 3rd party lab-testing.

Now, what about that, honey? Well, it’s all-natural and contains zero calories. In other words, it’s perfect if we want to use it as a migraine relief supplement AND lose weight at the same time (Seattle Weekly ranks them as one of the best for migraines). We might not get the same range of flavors as with Hemp Bombs, but since the two flavors that Gold Bee offers aren’t artificial, they’ve got our seal of approval.

Gold Bee Pros

  • Full-spectrum products
  • All-natural 0-calorie honey used for flavoring
  • 3rd party lab-tested for purity
  • Made using CO2 extraction

Gold Bee Cons

  • Limited range of flavors
  • Small manufacturer, so their products go out of stock frequently

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NuLeaf Naturals

One thing we’ve noticed when it comes to NuLeaf Naturals products is that, no matter what item it is, the checklist next to it is the same across the board. It states a few facts right off the bat, loud and proud. Firstly, they use CO2 extraction to get their CBD oil. More importantly, they extract it from organic, homegrown hemp that contains zero additives. Finally, they make sure that each and every product they list is tested by 3rd party labs.

In other words, everything that we’re looking for in a high-quality CBD product is right there. However, NuLeaf Naturals has a lot more to offer. If we look at their CBD oil, we can see the phenomenal variety in bottle size and potency. The products range from 300 to 6000 mg of CBD per bottle. Moreover, we have the option of buying them in bulk. And if we take into account that all of these products are full-spectrum, we know just how effective they can be.

Of course, NuLeaf Naturals does have a few setbacks. For instance, a standard bottle isn’t exactly cheap. With that in mind, NuLeaf is far from the best option if we plan on buying in bulk. There are plenty of other full-spectrum products on the market today that is not as expensive as NuLeaf Naturals, including some from this very list. Moreover, there isn’t a lot of variety when it comes to flavors and product types. Nevertheless, NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil deserves a spot on this list since it’s potent, effective, and all-natural.

NuLeaf Naturals Pros

  • All-natural ingredients with no additives
  • Made using CO2 extraction
  • Potent and effective
  • 3rd party lab-tested for purity
  • Homegrown in the USA

NuLeaf Naturals Cons

  • Pricy
  • Little variety in product types and flavors


If there’s one word we can use to describe CBDistillery’s products perfectly, it’s variety. This manufacturer offers a wide range of products that suit anyone’s taste. For example, if we wanted the most potent items possible, we could pick one of the many full-spectrum CBD oils that they offer. On the other hand, we might want to skip any THC intake entirely. That’s where their broad-spectrum and isolate products come in handy. This is what makes CBDistillery oil a contender for the best CBD oil for migraines, which is why it’s on this list to begin with.

The main reason why we might not outright call it the best is the hemp source. Sadly, none of the plants that CBDistillery uses is organic. Yes, they go through 3rd party testing for purity, and they pass with flying colors. But if we had the choice between organic and non-organic sources, we would take less than a second to make a decision.

CBDistilery Pros

  • Wide range of potencies
  • Wide range of CBD oil types
  • 3rd party lab-tested for purity
  • Affordable

CBDistillery Cons

  • Non-organic hemp source
  • The website user interface needs some work

Hemp Bombs

We did say that variety put CBDistillery on this list. Variety is also one of the biggest reasons why Hemp Bombs is ahead of CBDistillery, as well as many other CBD manufacturers out there. Namely, Hemp Bombs offers so many different product options that they’re practically a market in and of themselves! A single search will show the potential customer dozens of products with so many different potencies, types, and flavors. At the moment, their CBD oil comes in six distinct tastes:

  • Watermelon
  • Peppermint
  • Orange creamsicle
  • Chocolate mint
  • Acai berry
  • The standard flavorless

Hemp Bombs CBD oil products are all isolates. In other words, they contain almost 100% pure CBD and exactly 0% THC. That’s perfect if we want our whole family, pets included, to reap the benefits of CBD. However, unlike full-spectrum products, CBD isolates take time to start affecting the body.

Hemp Bombs Pros

  • A huge selection of products
  • 3rd party lab-tested for purity
  • Made from organic Scandinavian hemp
  • Wide range of potencies

Hemp Bombs Cons

  • Doesn’t offer full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products
  • The number of products might be overwhelming to new buyers


CBDPure might just be the best CBD oil for migraines if the customer is on budget. Their products don’t cost as much as some high-profile items on the market today, and they get the job done. Moreover, they offer full-spectrum products, so we can feel that entourage effect when we take our daily dose of cannabidiol. Sadly, their potency range is a bit on the low side. So, despite their CBD oil being a full-spectrum product, it might take a while before the effects start to kick in.

Like most manufacturers worth their salt, CBDPure has all of its products tested by 3rd party labs. More importantly, they list every stage of their CBD oil production openly so that the customer can see what kind of product they are buying. With so many companies out there outright lying about what their products contain and how they’re made, the honesty of CBDPure feels refreshing.

CBDPure Pros

  • Full-spectrum products
  • Affordable
  • 3rd party lab-tested for purity
  • Made from homegrown American hemp

CBDPure Cons

  • Low potency
  • The product range is a bit narrow

Defining Migraines

Before deciding on what the best CBD oil for migraines is, we first have to look into the issue itself. After all, a lot of times people will mistake common headaches for migraines. According to Herald Net’s, it’s important to know the difference between the two, especially if we want to buy a health supplement to help treat them.

A migraine is a throbbing pain which we usually feel on one side of our head. Unlike regular headaches, migraines can last up to 72 hours. Also, they tend to occur more often than regular headaches. A migraine can stick with us throughout the week, but the periods between two attacks can be long. In fact, years can pass between two different bouts of migraine attacks.

Migraines can trigger a few other symptoms. For example, it’s not uncommon for sufferers to experience nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to both sound and light.

And speaking of light, migraines can come in one of three forms:

  • Migraine with aura (before the attack, we see flashes of bright light or colored spots)
  • Migraine without aura (the pain starts without any lights or spots: this is the most common type of migraine)
  • Silent migraine (we see the flashing lights and spots, but there’s no throbbing pain).

When we experience migraines, we have difficulty functioning as we normally do. For instance, it’s impossible to do any demanding physical or mental work when we feel immense pain in one side of the head. Sometimes, it’s even hard to do everyday tasks like eating, sleeping, walking, talking, and going to the bathroom. That’s why finding proper pain relief is a must.

Does CBD Oil Help With Migraines?

How can CBD oil help us when we can barely move during a migraine attack, let alone chew or swallow? What even makes (or breaks) the best CBD oil for migraines, anyway?

Well, that’s the beauty of CBD oil as a supplement. Cannabidiol has strong anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a painkiller. More precisely, it acts as a modulator to our body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS. When we ingest it, CBD acts on both CB1 and CB2 receptors and helps ECS maintain a solid chemical balance both in our body and brain.

According to research, if our ECS has been compromised in any way, it might lead to conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, arthritis, and migraines. Therefore, by regulating the system and modulating its receptors, we can reduce the intensity of pain.

So, CBD, the ingredient itself, has quite a few benefits when it comes to pain relief. But why take CBD oil instead of, for example, capsules or gummies?

Like most tinctures, CBD oil is taken sublingually. In other words, we apply one drop of the oil under our tongue instead of chewing or swallowing. This method is perfect, especially if the pain is too intense, preventing us from taking any other type of supplement or medication.

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil for Migraines?

In 2022 alone, there are several thousand active CBD companies that produce and sell health supplements. Obviously, they can’t all be at the top. In fact, since the CBD market is new and booming, there are lots of shady companies out there. So, we need to be careful what we buy and who we buy it from.

In order to find the best CBD oil for migraines, we have to ask the following questions:

  • Does the manufacturer have their products tested by a 3rd party laboratory?
  • Do they sell a variety of products, including full-spectrum CBD oil?
  • Do their products come in a variety of potencies?
  • What CBD source do they use?
  • Do they use organic and natural ingredients?
  • Do they use proper means of extraction, such as the CO2 method?
  • Does their range of products cover CBD for pets, vegans, and children?
  • Are they transparent with their product descriptions and their research?
  • What is their customer support like?
  • What is the price range of their products?
  • Are the user reviews overwhelmingly positive or negative?

Potential Side Effects of CBD Oil

Most people flock to CBD oil and other supplements because they cause very few side effects. However, even the best CBD oil for migraines isn’t 100% safe. It all depends on who takes it and how they do it.

Research has shown that if we use too much CBD, we can experience drowsiness, dry mouth, dizziness, low blood pressure, and, in some rare cases, diarrhea. In addition, CBD can block enzymes in the liver, and those enzymes help process other medications. Therefore, if we take CBD along with prescription drugs, the lack of enzymes can increase the concentration of those drugs in our bodies. So, if we’re already taking meds for an existing condition, we should talk to our doctor before buying or using any CBD products.

Best CBD Oil for Migraines: Final Thoughts

Finding the best CBD oil for migraines and other related conditions isn’t easy, especially with so many different products out there. And getting the wrong one might even have the opposite effect and harm the body beyond the migraine attacks. Hopefully, our article will help potential customers decide on the best possible option to treat their debilitating condition. With the right product and the right dosage, that sharp, throbbing pain will be nothing but a distant, unpleasant memory.

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