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Today’s world is so full of stress and anxiety that it’s not strange that even animals are affected. With such improvements in technology and the fast pace of everyday life, there is no escaping the virtual suction hole of an unhealthy and stressful life.

If your dog struggles daily to overcome the burden of joint pain, stress, and anxiety, then we have some excellent products that will ultimately change that. Choosing CBD Oil For Dogs  may give your pet a pain-free life filled with joyful moments.

So if you’re interested and want to know more about these amazing products, read through our entire article! After reading about these products, we assure you that you will want to take action and help improve the life of your beloved pet immediately.

Top CBD Oils for Dogs with Arthritis

  1. HolistaPet – Overall Best CBD Oil For Dogs With Arthritis; Editor’s Pick
  2. Pet Hemp Company – Widely Used Organic CBD Oil & Tinctures For Dogs
  3. Healthy Petables – Recommended Hemp Oil For Dogs with Arthritis


#1. HolistaPet – Overall Best CBD Oil For Dogs With Arthritis

If you want a quality CBD oil product to give to your dog, then HolistaPet is the brand to go with. The team at HolistaPet believes in naturally improving your pet’s wellness by using nature’s own remedies. That is how they designed and manufactured their CBD oil.

HolistaPet’s CBD oil is one of the best products to give to your dog and help them deal with that annoying joint and arthritis pain. Almost any dog will feel the benefits with several potencies ranging from 150 milligrams to 3000 milligrams of CBD per bottle. HolistaPet has developed a CBD oil for all dog sizes and weights. 

A few drops of this amazing oil are enough for your dog to start feeling better. The oil is designed with two main ingredients, the CBD compound and hempseed oil which may help to protect and heal any ailments your dog might be suffering from. 

HolistaPet is also one of the best in terms of  CBD for dogs with arthritis because it contains no GMO ingredients and only natural and organic compounds that may help with mobility, stress and anxiety, pain and inflammation, and even digestive nausea. 


Broad spectrum CBD oil with excellent quality

HolistaPet manufactures one of the best broad spectrum CBD oil products you can find for your dog today. The oil is produced using excellent quality ingredients, with its main ingredient being sourced from organically and naturally grown hemp plants. All the hemp plants used for its production are exclusively grown on U.S. soil.

The brand uses the same CO2 extraction method for their CBD dog oil as other companies do to produce CBD oils for humans. This method extracts the purest CBD compound from the hemp plant without lowering its potency.

Since the oil is broad-spectrum, it contains none of the THC compounds, which are well known to produce a “high” feeling because of its composition. You should feel safe that your pet dog will suffer no addictive side effects while using this product.

Other than that, the CBD oil by HolistaPet also includes terpenes, which are natural compounds found in any plant, including hemp. They give the oil a natural flavor and taste without artificial flavoring additives.

Superb CBD oil with several uses

The CBD oil manufactured by HolistaPet will be a great addition to your dog’s daily diet. It has many benefits, including omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9 acids, each with its own impact on your pet’s wellbeing.

By introducing this product to your dog’s diet, you will help your dog in several ways. The oil is stated to help with joint pain, inflammation, and arthritis. It may also greatly reduce seizure attacks in older dogs by lowering their stress and anxiety, especially after separation from the owner. 

The oil ingredients and omega acids may also positively impact the dog’s fur and skin, giving them a refreshing look and lowering the unpleasant smells.

HolistaPet’s CBD oil is so versatile that you can implement it into your dog’s diet in any way you want. You can add it to their food or water or give it to them orally. Characterized by the natural flavor, your dog won’t even feel the oil while ingesting it. And what’s even better, the bottle includes a dropper, with which you can set the dose according to your dog’s weight.


  • Broad spectrum CBD oil for dogs
  • Includes other cannabinoid compounds
  • Mixes well with water or food
  • This CBD oil is made and formulated, particularly for pets
  • Does not contain any THC 
  • Made from natural and organic ingredients
  • Free of GMOs, gluten, or dairy
  • Contains no artificial additives or preservatives
  • Comes packed in a very convenient glass bottle with an included dropper
  • Made entirely in the United States
  • Free shipping and a full refund policy are also included
  • A lot of positive reviews from customers


  • The oil is only available in the U.S. and not internationally
  • Only one flavor of the oil is manufactured

       = > Click here to visit the official website of HolistaPet


#2. Pet Hemp Company – Widely Used Organic CBD Oil For Dogs

The team behind Pet Hemp Company established the brand because they became aware of the lack of CBD products on the market for both dogs and cats. Since they’ve entered the business, they have been committed to delivering one of the best CBD products for animals, and their CBD oil for dogs is probably their most popular product.

The company manufactures its CBD oil in a highly controlled environment, using only natural and organic ingredients derived from United States hemp products. They place their product under rigorous testing in collaboration with other labs to ensure their customers that the oil is of the highest possible quality. 

In other words, the Pet Hemp Company wants you to be assured that the products you purchase from them, especially their CBD oil, may help your dog live one of the best years of its life. It may greatly aid in reducing all kinds of physical pain, including arthritis pain, and it may also help the animal emotionally.


Third-party tested CBD oil products

Something that denotes how qualitative and well-made Pet Hemp Company’s CBD oil is because it’s tested and approved by independent third-party laboratories. The brand willingly sends all of its products to be tested by third-party laboratories to show that they are top-quality. Each product is also verified with a certificate, which is also publicly available on the brand’s official website.

Since Pet Hemp Company’s CBD oil is tested and approved, it’s also safe to use by your pets. The oil’s composition is based on that meant for humans, and even though it has not been tested and approved by the FDA directly, there are no confirmed cases that the CBD compound has been extremely harmful to humans and animals. 

To avoid any potentially mild side effects, both the testing laboratories and the brand suggest that the oil be used within the recommended doses. Any excess use is not recommended with any product, especially not products containing ingredients like the CBD compound.

Reasonable prices and excellent shipping and refund policies

The Pet Hemp Company’s CBD oil for your pet comes at very reasonable and competitive prices, considering the numerous brands that offer similar products. The oil comes in five different potencies, each priced accordingly, and you can find out each of the prices on their official website. 

Besides offering reasonable prices for their CBD oil, Pet Hemp Company also offers the option for customers to subscribe to its service and gain additional discounts, as well as a constant supply of products that are automatically delivered. 

Their subscription option provides up to 25% discounts on the regular prices, which is excellent in the long term. By opting to subscribe, you can choose automated delivery every 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, or 8 weeks, depending on your preference.

If something is wrong with the product or the service, the brand also provides its customers with a guaranteed full refund policy which is only meant for unopened or damaged products. 


  • Excellent addition to your dog’s everyday diet
  • Broad spectrum CBD oil made entirely from organic compounds
  • Suitable for dogs as well as cats
  • Specially formulated for pets of all weights and sizes
  • No harmful chemicals, preservatives, or additives
  • GMO and gluten-free products
  • Packed in a very convenient glass dropper bottle
  • Mixes with food or water easily, without disturbing the flavor
  • Does not contain THC
  • Available in several doses ranging from 150 milligrams to 3000 milligrams of CBD per bottle
  • Reasonably priced with additional discounts using the subscription option
  • Free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee are included in the offer


  • No international shipping
  • Not yet verified by the FDA for exact efficacy

= > Click here to visit the official website of Pet Hemp Company““““`


#3. Healthy Petables – Best Value CBD Oil For Dogs With Arthritis


Healthy Petables is one of the youngest companies on the CBD market, offering all kinds of CBD products for animals. Their main focus is manufacturing CBD products for dogs and cats.

One of the brand’s best and most popular products is its dog treats and CBD oil, which Healthy Petables manufactures from natural and organic ingredients. The products are uniquely formulated to contain no THC, removing the risk of inducing any psychoactive effects on your pet.

An interesting thing about the Healthy Petables brand is that they make their products vegan-friendly. Even if that sounds silly regarding animals, believe it or not, many brands of special animal food are on the market based entirely on plant ingredients.

Meat-based food is not suitable for many dogs and cats, and if your pet is one of them, then these products would be ideal for them.

The Healthy Petables CBD oil is one of their best-selling products, receiving positive feedback from thousands of customers. They claim their dog felt more joyful, stress-free, and greatly increased mobility since they started implementing the oil into its diet. 


An excellent CBD oil made from natural ingredients

The Healthy Petables brand makes an excellent grade CBD oil for your pet, entirely from natural ingredients. The brand sources its hemp from farms based on U.S. soil, which organically grow the plants.

The CBD oil from Healthy Petables is GMO-free, contains no artificial flavors and preservatives, and is dairy-free. So if your dog has allergies to some of these ingredients, this oil would be an excellent choice. There is no gluten present in the oil either.

Since the main ingredient in the oil is the CBD compound, it is derived from the hemp plants using the acclaimed CO2 extraction method. This results in a product with the purest quality and potency, which Healthy Petables have adapted into three different doses: 150 milligrams, 300 milligrams, and 600 milligrams of CBD per bottle.

If you are also a CBD products user, you would know that full spectrum CBD products contain small amounts of THC. Since this is a broad spectrum oil, no THC compound is present within its formulation, meaning there is no risk of the oil manifesting addictive or psychoactive effects.

A customer-oriented brand

The Healthy Petables brand is highly customer-oriented, providing high-quality products and excellent service. If you choose this CBD oil brand for your dog, you will enjoy great discounts, free shipping, and a superb customer support team.

Free shipping is a standard with Healthy Petables, and the brand ships all products for free, no matter the quantity you purchase. Unfortunately, the CBD oil products by this brand are not available outside of the United States. The brand can work on this issue in the future, expanding the products to other markets worldwide.

Regarding refund policies, the Healthy Petables brand covers you by providing 100% money-back guarantees for all products. We should note that the refund policy only applies to damaged or unopened products, meaning that if you used the product and disliked it, you probably won’t get a refund.

Besides the excellent policies, the brand’s customer support team has proven to be very responsive, swiftly replying to customer inquiries and resolving most of their problems effectively. The brand has received many positive user comments, highly praising its customer support.


  • High-quality broad spectrum CBD oil 
  • It should be ideal for joint pain and problems caused by arthritis
  • Available in three different potencies: 150 milligrams, 300 milligrams, and 600 milligrams of CBD per bottle
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Made from all-natural and organic ingredients
  • The hemp is derived from farms based in the U.S.
  • THC-free
  • Reasonable prices and a subscription option
  • Wonderful customer service
  • Free shipping and full refund policies are included
  • A good CBD oil for cats as well


  • Not available in local stores, which means you can only purchase it online
  • Only available in the U.S., which means there is no international shipping


How Did We Prepare This List Of Best CBD Oil For Dogs?

With the legalization of hemp in many states in America, the popularity of cannabinoid manufacturers rose to such an extent that countless brands are offering all kinds of products. Believe it or not, so many brands on the market offer cannabinoid products, even for pets, so it would be confusing for the average user to pick the best ones.

To eliminate and spare you the time-consuming research for the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis, we went ahead and did it for you. It was a slow and lengthy process, with a few errors and mistakes along the way, but in the end, we narrowed it down to three well-established and reputable brands.

So if you’re wondering how we picked them, these are the things we had on our list of criteria:

The origin of the hemp plants

Probably one of the most important things to consider was where the brands sourced the main ingredient of the CBD oil. Since the hemp plant is the power source of every CBD oil product, we had to ensure that it wasn’t imported from foreign countries or of unknown origin.

The brands we selected for this list all source their hemp plants from domestic, America-based farms. These farms attend to federal regulations set by the government, following the Farm Bill of 2017, which legalized the use of hemp in most states. These farms produce one of the world’s healthiest and most potent hemp plants through organic and natural growth procedures.

The hemp produced by these Colorado-based farms is pure, unlike any imported, containing pesticides and other harmful chemicals like GMOs or additives.

The laboratory testing of the products

To choose the best CBD oil brands for your pets, we also had to ensure that they were properly analyzed, tested, and approved before being offered for sale.

We’ve encountered all sorts of brands and products during our research, from transparent and honest, to shady and unreliable. With this, we had established a good base for comparison, and we concluded that highly reputable brands transparently post their product ingredients and certificates of approval on their websites.

Each of the brands we picked willingly submits its products to be tested by third-party laboratories to prove that they are oriented toward transparency and quality. All of their products, including the CBD oils, are tested and verified, for which you can find proof on their websites.

Even if these certificates are not issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because the FDA does not yet regulate the testing of these products, their manufacturing process is done in facilities controlled by the FDA.

Customer’s opinion

To get the most reliable information about the brands and CBD oil products, we read through customer reviews about them online. From our experience, if the users are satisfied with the product or the brand, they would have nothing but positive things to say about it. After all, you would also praise a brand if it is highly satisfactory.

The customers that used the products on our list reported that they had felt a significant improvement in mood, mobility, and overall energy in their dogs and cats. They stated that the products have lived up to their expectations and would highly recommend them to all their family and friends.

You can also check for customer reviews about the brands we picked on our list. Some of them are available on their official websites, while others are on other review sites across the web.

The prices and the customer policies

Because these are still relatively new products and not that widely known to people, many brands offer them at incredibly high prices. With prices dropping because of the constantly emerging new brands, they are still considerably different from manufacturer to manufacturer.

While writing this review, we wanted to be oriented toward all customers, no matter their budget, so we had to consider the best-priced CBD oil products for your pets. After comparing many brands and offers, we’ve picked the ones that offer the most reasonable prices, paired with excellent subscription options and other customer-oriented benefits.

The brands on our list are customer-oriented, providing each user with free shipping for any order and a full refund in case something is wrong with the product. With such policies, you can be sure that investing in these products and brands is not in vain. And if you subscribe to one of these brands’ services, you get a constant supply of products paired with an additional discount of over 20%. 

What To Look For Before Getting CBD Oil for Dogs With Arthritis

Buying a CBD oil product for your pet is an excellent investment, especially if they struggle with old age, anxiety, or even pain. If you liked the reviews about the CBD oil brands we wrote above, you’re probably considering purchasing one from now. 

But before you do that, we would like you to go through this section first. In it, we will provide useful information and advice regarding what to look for in a CBD oil product for your pet. This section will be extremely useful, especially if you’re a beginner in cannabinoid products.

So without further ado, here are the few baselines you should stick to when choosing a CBD oil product and brand:

Check the label for the ingredients

If you decide to purchase CBD oil for your pet, you need to check the product’s label for the ingredients. It is a good practice always to check the label of any product that can directly affect your and your pet’s health.

When discussing ingredients, it is worth mentioning that reputable and high-end brands tend to be transparent about their product’s ingredients, unlike others. If you come across a product with no ingredients on the label, we advise you to discard it because it’s most likely a cheap, low-end product.

Paying attention to the ingredients is crucial since using an unchecked product can prevent any undesirable side effects or allergies from emerging. Both dogs and cats also suffer from allergies, so keep that in mind.

Reputable brands have their own official websites with every piece of information about their products also accessible there. They also provide certificates that verify the product’s quality and formulation, issued by independent laboratories.

Consider your dog’s size and weight so that you can adjust the dosage

As you have seen from our reviews above, each CBD oil product comes in several different sizes and potencies. The manufacturers make the CBD oils in different potencies to accommodate the various dog’s weights and sizes. Depending on your dog’s weight, you must determine the dose and CBD oil bottle size to purchase.

The CBD within the oil is measured in milligrams, and most of the products come in several different doses like 150 milligrams, 300 milligrams, and 600 milligrams of CBD per bottle. The higher the dose, the more concentration of CBD per milligram.

Most manufacturers provide recommended dosage charts for small, middle, and large weight breeds, depending on your pet. According to this classification, you can easily adjust the dosage to suit your dog, except for occasions when there are severe pain problems or stress. Then it would be better to administer a higher dose of CBD oil for better and more relaxing results.

Make sure to consult your pet’s veterinarian

One of the best things you can do before purchasing a CBD oil product is to consult your pet’s veterinarian first. They will provide you with the most accurate advice because, after all, they are trained professionals who best understand the organism of any animal.

There might even be a chance that the veterinarian has tested the product on other dogs and will provide you with empirical information regarding the oil’s effects and potency. The veterinarian may even advocate for the brand of CBD oil you wish to choose, which instills even more trust in the product.

In any case, it is always a good idea to ask a trained professional for advice regarding health-related products, whether they are meant for humans or animals alike.

Look For discounts and desirable customer policies

As we’ve mentioned earlier in this article, the world of CBD products has just started to evolve, and many new brands and products are emerging daily on the market. Considering this, each brand has its own prices, which are still relatively high considering the increased number of CBD products on offer.

CBD products for pets, including CBD oil, have higher prices on the market than regular CBD products meant for humans. That’s because CBD products for pets have higher nutritional values because of the animal’s requirements for an increased number of nutrients. 

With all this in mind, choosing a brand that offers discounts paired with other customer benefits is an excellent idea if you want to save as much money as possible. The best option would be to subscribe to a service or brand and receive regular product supply at a great discounted price. Each brand on this list provides the benefits we’ve just mentioned.

Verify that the brand is transparent and reputable

The last thing we would advise you to check and be sure of is how transparent and well-established the brand from which you want to purchase CBD oil is.

This characteristic is a blend of several others, many of which we’ve already mentioned. The main way to ensure a brand is reputable is by reading what other customers say about it. If it is praised and has nothing but positive comments, then that speaks for itself. On the other hand, try to avoid shady brands with mixed customer reviews.

Reputable brands publicly share their products’ ingredients and all the certification documents with all customers. They also have dedicated customer service teams with swift response times that can resolve any client issues quickly and effectively.

FAQs – CBD Oil For Dogs

Q: How does CBD oil affect my dog’s body?

The CBD compound in the oil works similarly in dogs as in humans. The endocannabinoid system is also present in dogs, which acts as a messenger between the brain and the other body parts. 

By affecting the endocannabinoid system of your dog’s body, the CBD compound stimulates the brain’s activity, which in turn may decrease any stress or discomfort, relieve pain, and improve the overall mood of your pet.

Q: What problems can CBD oil help my dog with besides arthritis?

There are several ways your dog may benefit from ingesting CBD oil, besides relief of pain from arthritis. For the sake of it, we will also include that benefit as primary on our list.

Arthritis and pain relief

The CBD compound has been proven to have natural anti-inflammatory properties, whose primary target is to relieve pain and inflammation in the joints and tendons.

Unlike some medication that a veterinarian may prescribe for your dog regarding arthritis and joint pain, CBD oil has no negative impacts on other body organs like the liver or kidneys. Prolonged drugs such as Gabapentin may cause liver damage, while NSAIDs can promote even further deterioration of the joints and tendons over time.

The CBD compound binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain, reducing joint inflammation and pain symptoms all over the body. 

Dogs suffering from hip displacement, especially Golden Retrievers, have significantly improved using CBD oil. Dogs battling torn or sprained ligaments have also benefited from the constant use of CBD oil.

Anxiety and stress relief

Another great benefit of CBD oil for your dog is anxiety and stress relief. The CBD works the same as in humans, significantly promoting relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety levels.

According to studies we’ve encountered online, it has been shown that the CBD compound is one of the most effective ways of reducing anxiety when used for a longer period. Everyday use of CBD oil might be most beneficial and affects the serotonin levels in the body. The serotonin hormone is important in regulating human and animal behavior, mood, sleep cycles, and appetite.

It may ease allergy symptoms

Dogs suffering from allergies might benefit greatly from regular use of CBD oil. Allergies are common in animals, especially dogs, and are often incurable. The only way to deal with them is to keep them under control, and using CBD oil for your dog might be a great way to do that.

By binding with the C1 and C2 receptors in the brain, the CBD compound relieves the urge to itch, decreasing the dryness of the skin and relaxing your dog in the process. It may also promote new and healthy skin cells to grow and replace the old ones. 

The best thing about CBD oil when it is used for allergies is that it can be used internally, by ingestion, and externally by applying directly to the affected skin area. This will shorten the time it takes for the effects to emerge, resulting in much more effective treatment.

It might help with epilepsy and seizures

Another great benefit of CBD oil for dogs with arthritis  is that it may help prevent seizure and epilepsy attacks.

Regular drugs and medication that prevent seizures and epilepsy often have irreversible and damaging side effects that mainly impact the liver and kidneys of the animal. The antiepileptic drugs that your veterinarian may prescribe may be useful, but long-term use causes damage elsewhere in the body.

On the other hand, the CBD compound within the oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body, calming and reducing any abnormal electric nerve impulses that cause seizures and epilepsy. Besides preventing these attacks, the compound improves the nervous system’s overall function. According to a study, over 90% of dogs that suffer from seizures have experienced a reduction after they’ve started ingesting CBD products.

Q: What are the possible side effects for my dog from using CBD oil?

Even though CBD oil and other CBD products for animals are relatively new, more and more people are constantly using them. Until now, no dog owner has reported any major or dangerous side effects from using CBD oil.

Just like in humans, CBD oil can also manifest some mild side effects like:

  • Increased appetite
  • Energy deprivation
  • Mood swings
  • An excessive urge to drink water and dry mouth
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • An increase in seizures and decrease in mental functions was also reported in very rare cases

CBD oil’s most common side effect that your dog might experience is an excessive need for sleep, which is probably a good thing, especially if they suffer from constant arthritis pain or anxiety.

Q: How long until the effects of the oil start manifesting?

The CBD oil products are fast-acting, and their effects usually kick in sooner than other CBD products like edibles. You can give the oil to your dog directly via the mouth or mix it in their food or water.

If you give the oil to your dog directly, it will take less time to get absorbed into the bloodstream, which means the effects will start to manifest after 15-30 minutes.

Mixing the oil with food or water means that it needs to be ingested into the intestines first, and it should start manifesting the effects after 30 to 45 minutes.

Q: Will CBD oil make my dog “high”?

No, CBD oil does not have the strength to induce a feeling of being “high” neither in humans nor animals. The brands of oils we picked are broad spectrum, which means they contain no THC compound at all, and THC is the one responsible for inducing that feeling.

Even if you’re considering a full-spectrum CBD oil, if the amount of THC it contains is below 0.3%, it still wouldn’t be enough to produce a “high” feeling or any sort of addiction.

Q: Can I administer CBD oil to my dog while mixing it with other medication?

Even though there are no known side effects or interactions between CBD oil and other medications, the best course of action would be to talk to your dog’s veterinarian and ask for their advice. 

Even if they recommend you mix the oil with medications, don’t exceed the recommended dosage the manufacturer has set.

Final Thoughts – Best CBD Oil For Dogs With Arthritis  

In a few final words, we would like to say that we were very surprised when we learned that products such as these CBD oils for dogs actually existed. Choosing the best CBD oil for dogs with arthritis was a challenging feat, which we think we accomplished.

Their manufacturers have seen the need for both pets and humans for a way to relax and relieve that chronic arthritis pain. They are teams of devoted individuals who value the lives of our unconditionally loving companions and their overall wellbeing.

So if you want to help your beloved animal get well and back up on its feet again in no time, trying one of these amazing CBD oil products may be the thing you were looking for. It may play a decisive and life-altering part in your dog’s everyday life. 

You should consult a veterinarian before including any supplements in your dog’s diet.