Best CBD for Pets: Top-Rated CBD Oil Brands for Dogs and Cats

Cannabidiol or broad-spectrum CBD products are well-known to offer loads of benefits to the endocannabinoid system. They are also widespread in pain relief products. However, the CBD oil benefits are not only for humans. Pets can also benefit from those, as they also have an endocannabinoid system.

However, there are loads of CBD products for pets, like human CBD products. But not all of them fall under the effective CBD product category. And as a team that has many pet owners, we want to help. We have gone through tons of pet CBD products to find out the best CBD for pets.

By keeping the essential criteria in mind, we have ranked every effective CBD product that we could get our hands-on. And you will get a brief description of each in this article.

The 12 Best CBD for Pets

Many pieces of research support the use of CBD oils, full-spectrum CBD, and other CBD products for pets. We went through those studies and considered the critical points to find out the best CBD oils, CBD pet treats, and other CBD products for pets. And these are the ones that stood out:

  • Holistapet
  • Medterra
  • Penelope’s Bloom
  • Pure Kana
  • Green Roads
  • CBDfx
  • Petly CBD
  • Anxious Pet
  • Hemp Bombs
  • JustCBD
  • FabCBD
  • Honest Paws


The brand Holistapet is one of the several CBD companies that provide CBD products for pets. They specialize in a specific niche of CBD products, so they know what they are actually doing. But are their offerings a good pick for the best CBD products? Well, we will discuss exactly that with you.

Unlike some other CBD companies, Holistapet will remove all THC from the CBD products. As a result, the pets will get only the pure CBD isolate, not making them go through any psychotic effect. Also, THC-infused CBD hemp oil is not safe for dogs.

That said, the full-spectrum CBD products that you will find on the lineup of Holistapet will meet every need of pet owners. Their products are available as CBD oils, chews, dog treats, and many others. So, the pet owners will have loads of options.

Other than that, their CBD products come in unique flavorings. The best part is that the brand utilizes nothing but natural flavor, which is not common for CBD brands. For that reason, your pets will enjoy the broad spectrum CBD oil and full-spectrum CBD products that the company has to offer.

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizes full spectrum hemp extract
  • The pet products are completely THC-free
  • It comes in different forms
  • Available in natural flavor options
  • Packed with pure CBD isolates


We have yet another CBD brand that offers an extensive lineup of CBD pet products. However, unlike the previous CBD brand that we looked at, Medterra also carries human CBD products and CBD products for pets. But what do their pet products have to offer?

What separates Medterra from some other CBD companies is that they offer three CBD products specifically for pets. You will find CBD oils, Chews, and CBD treats in their lineup. Their CBD oil helps with calming and supporting the joints of pets.

Other than that, their CBD isolates can soothe pets and help them to gain a proper growth rate. How do their full-spectrum CBD oil and CBD treats work so well? The CBD brand opts for organically grown hemp to manufacture all CBD oil products and CBD products for pets.

Furthermore, the CBD brand also goes a step ahead and offers all of its high-quality CBD products in different flavorings. And as you might have guessed, the organic CBD products are all naturally flavored. Different veterinarians also recommend these products.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers three different types of CBD products for pets
  • Has CBD treats that provide pain relief
  • Utilizes organically grown hemp
  • The broad-spectrum CBD products are available in different flavors
  • Backed up by different veterinarians

Penelope’s Bloom

Well-reputed CBD brands know that the same CBD products for humans will not apply to pets. And Penelope’s Bloom is one of those CBD companies.

Want to know what CBD products the CBD company offers for pet owners? And are their offerings a good pick for the best CBD oil and other products? Continue reading!

You will find a large number of high-quality CBD oil and CBD pet tincture products in their lineup. The CBD company even offers CBD balm and CBD pet tincture. And all of their CBD products for pets are well capable of improving the overall health condition of the pets.

The main target of the CBD product lineup is to offer premium CBD oil and CBD products for pets without breaking the wallet of pet owners. But what makes the CBD product lineup premium? The CBD isolates contain the right amount of CBD dosage. They also opt for organic hemp oil extracts.

That is not all! The concentration level of organic CBD products is just right. For that reason, the CBD dog treats and CBD pet tincture will offer maximum health and wellness benefits.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers an extensive CBD product lineup
  • Provides premium CBD isolates at a budget
  • Utilizes organic hemp seed oil
  • Packs the right CBD dosage
  • Boasts the correct amount of concentration

Pure Kana

One of the internet’s well-known CBD brands is Pure Kana. Their full-spectrum CBD products for pets are basically a go-to option for many pet owners. So, we had to find out whether their CBD oil products and other options are a good pick for the best CBD for pets or not.

We were not surprised that the CBD brand has a large lineup of broad-spectrum CBD oils for dogs and cats. But what amazed us was the quality of the full-spectrum CBD oil and pet CBD supplements. The brand opts for high-quality CBD hemp extract.

As the quality of pet CBD supplements is exceptionally high, they can offer most of the benefits of CBD. The CBD dog treats, CBD isolates, and other pet CBD supplementation also come in different flavor options. And most of the pet owners claimed that their dogs and cats loved the flavorings of the pet CBD products.

When it comes to CBD dosage, each CBD product varies a little. And the pet CBD products comply with the regulations of the National Animal Supplement Council. So, you can use their CBD for pets without worrying one bit.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a broad range of full-spectrum hemp oil products
  • Boasts high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD for dogs and cats
  • Complies with the National Animal Supplement Council
  • It uses a pure form of full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Available in different flavor options

Green Roads

The pet CBD manufacturer, Green Roads, is one of the top-rated CBD brands in the market. Like some brands, they also offer an extensive lineup of CBD for pets. But the real question is whether their pet CBD is a worthy pick for the best CBD supplements or not.

Spoiler alert! The CBD for pets is truly a good pick for cats and dogs. However, the brand has a slightly different approach for its CBD product lineup. The broad-spectrum CBD oil supplements mix MCT oil into the formula. This carrier oil will improve the absorption rate.

Furthermore, the carrier oil, MCT oil, will ensure that the CBD for pets can offer benefits quickly. Each CBD product of the lineup will target different health and wellness factor. And once you can make your dogs and cats consume the CBD isolate supplements, their health will be in top-notch condition.

Their CBD for dogs and cats can fight age-related issues and general stress problems, among all other benefits. And there are different CBD dosage options available for the broad-spectrum hemp oil supplements.

Highlighted Features

  • Mixes MCT oil into the blend of the CBD for pets
  • The carrier oil improves absorption
  • Offers benefits quickly
  • Targets different health and wellness factors
  • Provides high-quality CBD hemp oil supplements


Some companies provide CBD for pets, targeting specific health and wellness problems. And CBDfx is one of them.

If you look at the lineup of CBD for pets of CBDfx, you will find a wide range of broad-spectrum CBD products for pets. There is CBD for dogs, cats, and other furry friends. However, CBD for dogs and cats is the main highlight. How so? Well, the brand has opted for high-quality CBD isolate for those.

Another thing that makes their CBD for pets the best CBD supplements is the dosages. There are loads of different options available for that. You can pick one by considering how fast and how much CBD oil your pets can handle. Also, the CBD oil for dogs and cats of the brand is safe. They are THC-free.

Due to being THC-free, CBD oil for dogs and cats will not cause any psychedelic effect. And as the cat and dog CBD products can target different health and wellness issues, your pet will see a massive improvement in terms of health conditions. They can help with anxiety, stress, and mobility issues as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides loads of full-spectrum CBD supplements
  • Utilizes high-quality isolates from the hemp plant
  • It comes in different dosage options
  • CBD dog and cat products are THC-free
  • Targets different health and wellness issues

Petly CBD

While looking for the best CBD oils for pets, we wanted to get a full-spectrum CBD product from a company specializing in unique CBD products. That is where we stumbled upon Petly CBD.

So, what makes their CBD for dogs and cats unique? They are popular utilizing full-spectrum hemp oil in their treats and toppers. As they use high-grade hemp seed oil, the CBD dog and cat products will be highly effective when offering broad-spectrum CBD benefits.

Furthermore, the CBD oils for dogs and cats will integrate unique flavorings. Those flavor profiles will make your pet consume these CBD dog and cat supplements without any hesitations. You will find the powder form of the hemp extract.

There is CBD for dogs and cats that comes in a treat version. Those will make it easier for dog owners to make their furry friends consume CBD oils for dogs regularly. Also, as the hemp extract is THC-free, you will not have to worry about psychedelic effects either.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers high-quality CBD oil for dogs and cats
  • Sources hemp seed oil from the organically-grown hemp plant
  • The broad-spectrum CBD products come in different flavors
  • Available in powder and treat version
  • Utilizes THC-free hemp plant extract

Anxious Pet

We find it pretty amazing when the brand name says all about the products. Yes, we are talking about Anxious Pet. The CBD oil for dogs and cats that the brand offers targets the stress and anxiety of the pets. But how effective is the formula?

To start with, the brand has opted for a full-spectrum CBD blend from high-quality hemp plant extracts. And the hemp seed oil extract that the manufacturer opts for is totally organic. For that reason, it is well capable of helping the pets achieve peace of mind.

You will find loads of cat and dog CBD supplementation available in the lineup. And the brand does not just offer pet CBD oil. There are CBD balm, roll bars, and other full-spectrum CBD supplements. Cat and dog owners will be capable of choosing the one that suits their needs the most.

The refund policy is another thing that makes the offerings a good pick for the best CBD oil supplement. Each cat and dog CBD supplementation of the brand complies with this policy. So, your purchase will be totally risk-free.

Highlighted Features

  • Utilizes full-spectrum CBD blend
  • The blend is from high-quality hemp extract
  • Offers different forms of CBD oil supplementations
  • Organic and totally natural
  • Provides relief from stress and anxiety

Hemp Bombs

The manufacturer, Hemp Bombs, is well-known for offering CBD oils for humans. However, they have entered the market and provide a solid lineup to compete for the best CBD oil supplements for dogs and cats.

First of all, the brand offers two different types of CBD for dogs and cats. Each CBD oil includes a blend that contains high-quality hemp seed oil extract. And as the full-spectrum CBD oils are highly effective, the furry friends will see benefits exceptionally fast.

But what benefits do CBD oil for dogs and cats offer? Well, their CBD oils will provide relief from stress and anxiety. Also, the hemp extract of the CBD oils has human-grade quality. How so? Each CBD oil has gone through multiple tests. This shows how determined the brand offer premium CBD oil for dogs and cats.

Apart from that, the brand’s CBD for dogs and cats can support the overall health of furry friends. The hemp extract blend also targets different wellness factors of the pets.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers two different types of CBD oils for dogs and cats
  • Utilizes an effective broad-spectrum blend
  • Provides fast benefits
  • Targets different wellness factors
  • Supports overall health of the pets


While different brands will utilize an average blend for CBD for dogs and cats, some companies have a different approach. And JustCBD is one of them. Want to know about the CBD oil products that the brand offers? Continue reading!

This brand is well-known for offering no-nonsense CBD oils for humans. The same thing applies to their pet CBD oil supplements that they have to offer. But the thing that really makes these the best CBD oil supplements is the quality of the formula. Its broad-spectrum blend utilizes nothing but a high-quality CBD blend.

The CBD oil for dogs and cats is also available in different dosage options. By considering how much CBD your furry friends can handle, you can choose the right one. Also, these cat and dog CBD supplements come in different flavor options. You will find beef, bacon, tuna, salmon, and many more.

Additionally, you will not need to break your wallet just to get a cat and dog CBD oil from this brand. The CBD oil supplementations come at an affordable price point. And these cat and dog CBD oil supplements can offer loads of health and wellness benefits.

Highlighted Features

  • Boasts a high-quality CBD oil formula
  • Available in different dosage options
  • It comes in multiple flavors
  • Targets different health and wellness factors
  • Affordable


We have got yet another affordable CBD oil supplement. And just like the other cat and dog CBD oil products in this list, the offerings of FabCBD are genuinely a worthy pick for the best CBD oil supplement.

To start with, you will not have to save up for months to get CBD oil for dogs and cats from this brand. All of the CBD oil supplements come at an affordable price point. However, that does not mean that these cat and dog CBD oil supplements are not high in quality.

In fact, the blend is free from wheat, corn, dairy, or soy. That means the CBD oil treats are free from fillers. So, you will be getting a load for your money. The broad-spectrum CBD oil treats do not contain any THC either. For that reason, your pets will not act weird after consuming these.

That said, when you feed your pets with CBD oil treats regularly, you will notice a huge improvement in terms of mood. The cat and dog CBD oil treats will work like a charm in targeting different health and wellness factors. And the blend will eventually make your pets feel a lot better.

Highlighted Features

  • The CBD oil treats come at an affordable price point
  • It relies on high-grade CBD oil formula
  • Free from THC
  • Improves the mood
  • Supports the overall health

Honest Paws

On the lookout for the best CBD oil supplement that is fully natural? You might want to check out the cat and dog CBD oil supplementation lineup of Honest Paws.

The brand is well-known for offering high-grade CBD oil supplementations. And the case is the same for their cat and dog CBD oil lineup. They have opted for a high-grade pet CBD oil blend, making the CBD highly effective. Also, the CBD oil formula is entirely natural.

Other than just CBD oil, you will even find loads of different CBD oil-infused supplements in the lineup. They will have a natural formula as well. And each of those supplements will target different health and wellness factors. For example, the Concern (one of the lineups of supplements) would promote mobility, calmness, wellness, pain relief, and others.

Moreover, the brand’s CBD oil and CBD oil-infused supplements do not contain dairy, corn, GMO, or artificial ingredients. So, if you plan to make your pets consume the same grade of supplement you would usually consume, these CBD for dogs and cats would be an ideal pick.

Highlighted Features

  • Boasts high-grade CBD oil blend
  • Offers different CBD oil-infused supplements
  • Non-GMO and human-grade
  • Targets different wellness factors
  • Natural and highly effective

How We Ranked The Best CBD for Pets

Choosing the best CBD oil and CBD oil-infused supplements for pets was not easy. There are loads of options out there that claim they are better than the rest of the competition. However, when we factored these in, scrutinizing the effective ones from the average ones became a piece of cake:

Compliance With the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)

The first thing that we checked when choosing the best CBD oil supplements for pets is whether they are compliant with the NASC or not. This compliance will assure that the blend has high-quality ingredients, goes through a proper manufacturing process, and is totally safe for pets.

But the thing is, not all brands will take their time to go through the verification process. However, the ones that did go through this process achieved a higher ranking in our list.

Honest Advertising

Even the best CBD oil supplement will not cure some critical health issues. Sadly, some brands will claim that their offerings can cure cancer and make the owners have unrealistic expectations with the CBD for dogs and cats. We did not even bother checking those CBD oil supplements out.

Instead, we prioritized the CBD oil for dogs and cats that were totally honest about the advertised benefits.

Certificates of Analysis

Most of the reputed brands competing for the best CBD oil supplement for pets position in the market will offer Certificates of Analysis. It proves the origin of CBD oil and will provide you with information regarding the composition of CBD oil supplements.

When you check this certificate, you can ensure no contaminants are contained in the product. Also, the certificate will offer you the peace of mind that CBD oil supplements for pets are totally safe for animal consumption.

That said, we have prioritized the CBD oil for dogs and cats that came with the Certificate of Analysis. They got a higher overall ranking on our list.

Track Record of the Manufacturer

One of the essential things you should consider while choosing the best CBD supplements for your pets is the manufacturer’s track record. The track record would prove how well-reputed and reliable the manufacturer is. And the brands with a good track record will usually offer high-quality supplements to the market.

We have given the manufacturers with a good track record a higher overall rank in our list. And those that had a sketchy track record did not even make it into our list.

Lab Testing

Usually, the best CBD supplements for cats and dogs will go through different lab testing and third-party clinical trials. And when the manufacturers offer information regarding these tests, it shows how confident the brands are with their products. So, we considered whether tests backed the supplements.

Human Grade

You would not feed your dog and cat something that is low in quality and is not fit for human consumption, would you? We had the same thought while choosing the best CBD supplements for pets. Because of that, while ranking the supplements for pets, we have put a higher priority on the high-quality offerings.


There is some CBD oil for dogs and cats that will have additives. Those supplements will not be vegan. However, some of these additives might contaminate the CBD oil blend. Considering that, we have preferred CBD oil supplements that had little to no additives in them.

Furthermore, many brands will utilize additives to increase the serving amount. But the thing is, the best CBD oil-infused supplements do not need a higher serving amount just to work effectively.


The pets do not need THC. In fact, different studies have already proved that THC is harmful to pets. Even a law against it hinders the manufacturers from using more than 0.3 percent THC. However, even that amount of THC can be harmful to the dogs.

Due to that, while we were scrutinizing the options for our best CBD oil-infused products for dogs and cats, we checked whether the supplements have THC in them or not. The ones that contained a trace of THC did not make it into our list. In other words, only the ones with zero THC made it into our list.

Organic and Natural

We have noticed that the CBD oil supplements that were totally organic and natural worked better than the others. And there is a good reason behind it. CBD oil for dogs and cats will be directly from the hemp plants instead of lab synthesized. That is why organic and fully natural ones got a higher ranking.

Refund Policy

Sometimes, even the best CBD oil supplement for pets might not work that well for your dog or cat. They might have some allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in the blend. That is where the refund policy comes into play.

You will basically be making a risk-free purchase by getting a CBD oil for dogs and cats backed up by a refund policy. And our preference went mainly on the supplements backed up by such a policy.

Formulated by Veterinarian or Recommended by Veterinarian

We believe that professionals or veterinarians should back the best CBD supplements for pets.

Why? The blends formulated or endorsed by the veterinarian will have an added layer of legitimacy. And as these pet products have too much competition, this added layer of legitimacy is surely a plus point.

That is why, while scrutinizing the available options, we have prioritized the ones that did have such a backing higher than the others.

Complimentary Ingredients

Lastly, we have considered the complimentary ingredients of the blend. For example, the MCT oil that different manufacturers will integrate will boost the absorption rate of the formula. But not all of the complementary ingredients will be like MCT oil. However, some ingredients will be there just to increase the serving size.

Many brands will even include green tea extract and coconut oil into the formula. These ingredients will boost the blend’s effectiveness and offer more benefits. So, elements such as coconut oil are not fillers.

On that note, those that have non-proven complimentary ingredients inside the formula will usually be not that effective in comparison. So, we did not really put that much priority on them.

Benefits of CBD for Cats

Cat owners rely on CBD to get a wide range of benefits. However, among all, these are the main highlights:

Boost Mood

Have you noticed your cat going crazy from time to time? Do they usually remain in a funky mood? The sad part is that you can not simply diagnose this issue. But CBD supplements can help. The blend will help to soothe anxiety. And that would eventually make your cats have a good overall mood.


Like anxiety, when the cats are stressed, they can act a bit crazy. Sometimes, they will even be less energetic and seem depressed. Well, it will be possible to make your cat come out of that phase by giving them CBD. The blend will also make them capable of handling mental and physical stress.

Relieve Acute and Chronic Pain

Loads of cats suffer from chronic and acute pains. CBD can play an essential role in this case as well. In fact, many pet owners provide their cats with CBD just to help them with chronic and acute pain. Owners might also opt for a topical balm to target one specific area. And it does work like a charm.

Boost Quality of Life

When the endocannabinoid system of humans is in good shape, humans do see a major improvement in terms of the overall quality of life. The same thing goes for the cats. When their endocannabinoid system is in top-notch condition, they will notice a wide range of health benefits.

Improve Mobility

With age, the cats might have a sluggish look. They might even show a lot of mobility issues. Well, as you might have guessed, CBD can help with this as well. It will help with joint pain and other pain, causing the cats to slow down. Cats will breathe a new life after getting a proper dosage of CBD.

Benefits of CBD oil for Dogs

CBD oil for dogs is trendy at this moment. Loads of dog owners offer CBD oil to the four-pawed friends for seizures, inflammation, relaxation, and many more. However, those are not the only benefits that CBD oil for dogs can offer. There are others too.

Fight Seizure

As we have mentioned, CBD can help with seizures. Even though there is limited research regarding how CBD works to stop seizures for dogs, it does work. Many dog owners have reported its efficiency.

In a general sense, as dogs have the same endocannabinoid system as humans, CBD can take on the things that cause seizures. And with proper dosage, the dogs might even stop facing this issue.

Boost Calmness and Relaxation

Like humans, dogs can go through stress. In fact, the issue of dogs getting over-excited and then getting stressed and anxious is pretty common. Also, we do not think we have to point out how anxious dogs can be when the owner is not around them. Well, CBD products can help in this regard.

Help with Inflammation

There are loads of research regarding the link of CBD with inflammation. However, most of those studies were for humans. But as dogs have the same endocannabinoid system as humans, CBD can target different inflammation inside the body.

Furthermore, inflammation is the root cause of different diseases and illnesses. So, when the inflammation level is low, the chances of your dog getting sick and ill will be reasonably low as well. You might even have to make fewer trips to the vet after giving them CBD regularly.

Help with Joint Pain and Arthritis

One of Cornell University’s studies found that giving 2mg per kg of CBD to pets can comfort and relieve different pains inside the body. That includes joint and arthritis pain as well. However, do not expect the CBD to eliminate the arthritis issue. It will lower inflammation and help with the pain.

Help with Chronic Pain

Many dogs feel pain for a variety of reasons. And for most dog owners, the only option is to give their furry friends NSAIDs. But CBD could also help in this regard. It will soothe the pain and make the dogs feel a load better with their overall health.

Handle Thunderstorms Better

Storms are something that our furry friends can handle adequately. The same thing is prevalent when there is an event around your home. For that reason, many pet owners will give CBD to their dogs to make them feel a bit calm during these situations.

Basically, the CBD for dogs will interact with the endocannabinoid system to calm their overall mood. As a result, they will feel less panicked and more relaxed when too much loud noise is around.

Boost Mobility

When dogs grow older, they will have a load of mobility issues. They will even find it pretty difficult to move around from one place to another. Also, CBD will help your dogs when they play around and run around the house. They will feel just like a puppy after getting a good dose of CBD.

Improve Quality of Life

CBD oil for dogs can even help with the overall quality of life. When the inflammation level is low, there will be fewer chances of the dogs getting sick. Also, as CBD can help with stress and anxiety, the mood will see a massive boost. Eventually, the overall quality of life will see an enormous improvement.

Types of CBD Supplements For Pets

Before picking a CBD supplement for your pet, you should know the types correctly. And the types is the thing that confuses loads of new buyers. They simply can not understand whether they should offer tincture, oil, or other supplement forms.

However, after going through this segment, you will not find yourself in such a situation. So, without further ado, let us get into describing the types, shall we?

CBD Tinctures and Oils for Pets

Many dogs and cat owners will offer tinctures and oils to their pets. Now, what exactly is a tincture? Well, it comes in a dropper style bottle. And you can easily add it to the water and foods. The dropper will also let you drip the oil directly to the pet’s mouth. However, this style of feeding CBD might not be that easy.

That said, for the tincture and oils, you would need to drop 5 to 10 drops of the blend to the tongue or food.

Chews, Bites, and Treats

CBD supplements will also come in the form of chews, treats, and bites. And these are the easiest to feed because, in most cases, these will have a flavor added to the formula. And the flavoring will make the pets enjoy every bite of the CBD supplementation.

Creams and Balms

Unlike the other two types that we have just mentioned, you would not need to feed creams and balms to your pets. These CBD supplementations would require a topical application.

The formula would penetrate through the skin and get into the system. And these would work the best when you want to target a particular spot of the pet’s body. For example, when the furry friend has pain in a single spot.

Other Products

There are other types of CBD supplements available for pets. For example, you will find CBD-infused peanut butter and other foods, which the pets would go crazy for. These will target different health and wellness goals. And in most cases, making the pets consume this supplement will be pretty easy.

How to Give CBD to Dogs and Cats?

Getting the best CBD supplement for cats and dogs is one thing. And knowing how to give the supplement to the pets is another. If you can not feed or give your pets the supplements in the right way, even the effective ones will not work that well.

However, you have nothing to worry about because we will go through each of the proper methods that you can follow to make the CBD get into the system of your pets.


One of the most popular types of CBD supplementation is the treats. And in most cases, these will be flavored, which means the pets will love having these. That said, the feeding process is pretty simple. You would need to give your pets these treats like any other regular treat.

The only difference is when your pets munch on these treats, the CBD would kick into their system and offer all of the benefits it has to offer.

Mixed into Water or Food

You would need to mix the tinctures and oils into food or water. You can just drip a couple of drops into the freshwater of the water bowl. The pets will not notice any difference as these supplements will mostly be tasteless. And the process will be the same if you want to mix these with foods.

Topical Applications

You need to apply the supplement directly to the skin for topical application. Consider applying on the spots where the pets feel pain. In most cases, this spot would be joints and limbs. Just rub the oil, tincture, or balm directly on the pet’s skin and massage the spot gently.

Ensure that the supplement goes through the fur and makes direct contact with the skin. Without that, the pets will not see any benefit from the supplement.

Messaged into Fur

As you might know, CBD can help get a luster and shiny coat. And in this case, instead of making direct contact with the skin, you would need to massage the tincture, oil, or balm directly on the fur. Over time, the CBD supplement would make the fur look gorgeous and make your pets look their best.


You can also drop the CBD oil directly on the pets’ mouths. However, as we mentioned, this process is a bit tricky. You need to open the mouth and drop the oil directly under their tongue. Otherwise, the absorption rate would be pretty low, and the benefits might not be that noticeable that quickly.

Isolates Vs. Full-Spectrum and Broad-Spectrum CBD

Some brands will simultaneously utilize CBD isolates, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD in their formula. But that will not be the case for all of the offerings. Yes, these types sound a lot similar, but some differences set them apart.

CBD Isolates

The CBD isolates contain nothing but pure CBD. Among all the other types, the isolates are the most refined form. There will be no terpenes, nor will there be other natural chemicals inside the hemp plant. Usually, the manufacturer would extract CBD directly from the plants and extract the isolate from the CBD.

On that note, the CBD isolates would not contain any natural flavor or plant matter inside them. This trait makes this form of CBD ideal for unflavored CBD supplements.

Full-Spectrum CBD

As the name suggests, the full-spectrum CBD would have everything the plant has to offer. That includes terpenes, cannabinoids, and other natural chemicals. And different studies show that these natural chemicals can create an entourage effect, which will provide the complementary benefits of CBD.

However, the full-spectrum CBD is the less-refined of the three types. Even though it is fully okay for pets to take this type of CBD, many pets might not like the greasy flavor the type has to offer.

Furthermore, most of the full-spectrum products will contain a bit of THC. And in most cases, the THC percentage will be less than 0.3 percent. But for the pet products, the manufacturers will extract the THC from the blend, which makes it completely safe for furry friends.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

The middle ground of full-spectrum and CBD isolate is the broad-spectrum CBD. And the best part is that the type contains enough plant materials to offer the entourage effect. However, it does have the same greasy taste the full-spectrum CBD has to offer.

Side Effects of CBD for Pets

It is pretty natural for the owners to be wary about what they feed their furry friends. For that reason, most buyers wonder if there are any side effects of CBD for pets. Well, the good news is that many studies have already proved that CBD is totally safe for pets.

However, there are some rare cases where the pets notice side effects after taking these supplements. What were those side effects? Nausea, indigestion issues, digestion difficulties, vomiting, fatigue, and sluggishness are the most common.

Nonetheless, if you choose a high-quality CBD product for your pet, you will not have to worry about these rare cases. Those will have the finest quality CBD and will usually go through loads of testing before getting on the market shelves.

That said, you will not have to worry about your pets getting high after consuming the CBD supplements. Usually, these will not have THC, which means their chances of facing psychedelic effects will be considerably low.

Recommended Dosage of CBD for Pets

Numerous studies have shown how much CBD oil is safe for pets. However, you need to understand that the dosage will vary a lot. Generally, experts would recommend targeting a dosage of 1 gram to 2 grams of CBD for every 10 to 20 pounds of body weight.

Another thing that you would need to consider is that the concentration of CBD will vary from one to another. Some of the supplements will have a higher concentration of CBD, while the others will contain a low concentration. So, five drops of one will not be equal to five drops of the other.

For that reason, it is pretty important to go through the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to figuring out the exact dosage of CBD.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD For Pets

Q: Is CBD oil safe and legal for pets?

A: CBD oil is totally safe for consumption for both humans and pets. There are loads of studies that back up the safety information regarding CBD. However, it will depend on your current state when it comes to being legal. There are a total of 50 states that legalize the use of CBD.

Q: Do CBD supplements contain only CBD?

A: Not really. Many of the offerings will have more than just CBD. There will be other complementary ingredients such as coconut oil. And these elements will help to enhance the effectiveness of the formula and make the blend offer more benefits to the system.

Q: Will CBD supplements get my pets high?

A: The CBD supplements for pets will contain a considerably low amount of THC. Some will even contain no THC at all. So, they will not get your pets high.

Q: Which type of CBD is best for pets?

A: As discussed above, the broad-spectrum is the middle ground among the three. It does not have an extremely greasy taste, which will make your pets have the supplement without any hesitations. Also, it will be capable of offering the entourage effect. So, according to us, broad-spectrum is the best.

Q: Can I feed human CBD supplements to my pets?

A: Both the pet and human version are basically the same. So, it would be possible to give the pets the human version of the CBD supplement. However, you would need to consider the dosage.

The 12 Best CBD for Pets Final Words

When you feed your furry friends the best CBD for pets, you will help them live an improved life. There will be lower chances of them getting sick from time to time. Also, their mood will see a massive improvement.

And we can assure you one thing that each of the supplements we have gone through in this article will offer all of the benefits that CBD has to offer if you follow the dosage properly. They have gone through an intense level of scrutinization. So, pick one that suits your budget without thinking too much.

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