Best CBD Dog Treats – Top Brands of 2021

CBD isn’t just for humans to benefit from. Your beloved fluffy companions can benefit from CBD as well, particularly if they need pain management, help with anxiety, inflammation, seizure disorders, and so much more. CBD for pups provides a host of benefits that improve your furry friend’s general well-being. There is a ton of evidence that demonstrates how well CBD works for dogs, so it’s no wonder there is a massive spike in the production of CBD products for the health of pets in the market.

If your dog is suffering from any kind of ailment, of course you’re looking for products that can assist with bringing a sense of ease and comfort. Although CBD is not a cure-all solution, it has been shown to significantly increase the quality of life for canines.

CBD dog treats, just like other pet products, are not one size fits all. If you have a larger dog, you’ll require a higher potency of CBD as compared to a smaller dog, like a Pomeranian. And if your pup turns up his nose at anything that doesn’t taste meaty and delicious, you’ll want to ensure the treats are appealing enough to get the right CBD dose in. The five brands we’ve identified below are our top picks – we include highlights, descriptions, and pros and cons to help you make the best buying decision for your furry bestie.

Top 5 CBD Treats for Dogs

  1. Honestpaws – #1 Pet CBD Brand in US
  2. cbdMD – Highly Regarded
  3. Diamond CBD – Most Innovative
  4. HolistaPet – Reputable Brand
  5. Anxiouspet – High Bioavailability

How Did We Create Our List?

Although CBD can be a wonderful addition to your pet’s overall healthcare plan, the truth is not all products are created equally. Some brands use subpar ingredients, low concentrations of CBD, and even flavors that make your pup run away when you grab the treats, instead of running over with a happy, wagging tail.

So, when compiling this list of CBD dog treats, we looked at several different factors, including:

  • Ingredient quality
  • CBD concentration
  • Potency variability
  • Pup-approved flavors

Searching online to look through the many available CBD brands and products is a task. But don’t worry because we did it for you. Based on the factors listed above, we found the best dog treats available on the market for your floof. Ultimately, it’s the proven results and quality of ingredients that make these products stand out from the crowd.

Best CBD Dog Treats – Brand Review

1. Honestpaws – #1 Pet CBD Brand in US


  • “2020 Industry Recognition Award” from Pet Business
  • NASC seal – Incredibly strict quality standards have been met
  • Certificate of analysis – third party tested
  • Human grade, USDA organic, vegan, non-GMO and gluten free
  • Very palatable
  • Made in the US


  • Occasional low stock due to high demand

HonestPaws offers organic full-spectrum hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD to keep your dog feeling healthy. Their treats are not only filled with high-quality ingredients, but they are available in both crunchy and chewy varieties, depending on your pup’s preference. The chewy option is especially helpful for senior dogs who may have trouble with a crunchy texture.

Honestpaws was created by a fellow pet owner just like you, who did not want to put her sweet pup through the side effects of prescribed medication that had no guarantee of helping the diagnosed condition. Instead, she fulfilled her responsibility as a pet parent and found another way to help her fluffy best friend. CBD improved the condition of her pup and now she packs Honestpaws CBD treats with natural ingredients to help your dog too.

Hemp source: Organic, full-spectrum hemp is grown and raised out in the open within Colorado and is meticulously lab-tested by a third party to confirm purity.


These poultry-flavored treats help with occasional stiffness, they promote relaxation, support joint flexibility and healthy inflammatory response, and even support your pup’s immune system.

These treats are also poultry-flavored and help with calm disposition maintenance, stress management, and promote long-term health by promoting overall calm and relaxation.

Calm Bites have the same benefits as the soft chews but boast a peanut butter flavor with a crunchy, satisfying texture.

These tasty turmeric treats help with occasional stiffness, they promote relaxation while supporting the immune system, and even assist with joint flexibility. They also support a healthy inflammatory response and help calm nerves for an overall sense of ease.

These creamy coconut crunchy treats assist with stress management, they fight free radicals, support your dog’s immune system and inflammatory response, and keep your pet relaxed. They also help with occasional discomfort and support joint flexibility to promote long-term health.

Verdict: HonestPaws is at the top because they do business, well – honestly – by listing their quality ingredients and why they use them along with providing lots of education on CBD on their site. Their prices are fair and competitive, and their product list is impressive.

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2. cbdMD – Highly Regarded


  • Budget-friendly
  • Non-GMO hemp
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • World-class customer service


  • May take time for your pet’s digestive system to acclimate to new ingredients

These treats by cbdMD are specially formulated by a team of veterinarians with animal-approved flavors. Choose from a variety of treats and chewables and deliver a yummy surprise to your favorite furry friend.

cbdMD is all about providing alternatives for those searching for a new perspective on what everyday wellness looks like. Their products are infused with premium broad spectrum through the melding of not only cannabinoids but also terpenes. When blended, these molecular structures work effectively together to strengthen the already powerful benefits of CBD.

Hemp Source: Premium, high-quality hemp sourced within the United States and processed in state-of-the-art labs and production facilities.


These treats are available in three flavors: baked cheese, peanut butter, or sweet potato. They are also available in three difference dosages, from 5mg to 10mg and finally, 20mg per treat. These chews are not only formulated to appeal to your dog’s taste buds, but they also provide a variety of benefits, including supporting a relaxed mood, assistance with stress management, and overall daily wellness.

These treats are available in the flavor of chicken and bacon. Like the hard chews, they are also available in different doses: 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. The soft consistency is gentle with canine teeth and the benefits provided include a sense of calm and overall well being.

These chews are available with a chicken and bacon flavor and come in either 5mg, 10mg, or 20mg doses per treat. Allow at least two to three weeks with suggested daily intake for noticeable results. If after the recommended waiting period, your pup is not showing improved comfort or mobility, you may gradually increase the dose.

This creamy peanut butter treat is available in different concentrations: 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg for bigger dogs. With only three simple ingredients, including CBD, MCT oil, and peanut butter, your pup can enjoy a sense of ease, reduction in anxiety, and an overall sense of wellness day to day.

Verdict: cbdMD boasts a well-researched, high-quality product that is not only affordable, but delivers a plethora of positive benefits for your dog.

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3. Diamond CBD – Most Innovative


  • Available in five irresistible flavors
  • Ingredients confirmed non-GMO
  • Available in different dosages
  • Can be purchased in a bundle
  • High-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil


  • May take time to notice effects

Treats by Diamond CBD have full-spectrum CBD oil and are formulated for specific ailments. Take your pick to deliver the relief you need right to your pup. The treats are available in a variety of flavors and you can trust their non-GMO ingredients!

Diamond CBD was pioneered by a team of doctors and scientists who share a dedication to produce only the highest-quality CBD products based on research and development. They have created several innovative CBD hemp extracts with a mission for worldwide accessibility. Diamond CBD is a leading manufacturer of CBD products and are proud to have the top 10 leading products available on the market. Their CBD oil is loved and used by thousands on a daily basis.

Hemp Source: Natural hemp derived, and lab tested in the United States.


These treats are flavored with real beef and infused with 5.5mg of CBD per treat. They are formulated to help your nervous pooch enjoy a calmer, more relaxed mood. Use these to reward good behavior and keep your pup feeling a sense of ease, even during nerve-racking situations.

These treats are chewy and beef-flavored, with 3mg of CBD per treat. This formula is specially designed to support overall health and wellness and can be easily added to your dog’s regular supplements. With these treats, you can help maintain your dog’s overall wellness.

  • MediPets – Wavy Bacon & Cheese Bites

These dog-approved, irresistible treats are infused with 10mg of CBD per treat. The extra dose of CBD helps promote a healthy and happy lifestyle for your pet and the flavor will have your pup coming back to enjoy the many benefits of CBD.

These treats are flavored with beef and chicken and feature over 4mg of CBD per treat. They are formulated to assist your dog with a relaxed and happy disposition. The flavor is dog-approved, even if your dog is super picky!

  • MediPets – Specialty Dog Biscuits

These treats have 3mg of CBD per treat and are formulated to help reduce your pup’s anxiety. Use these to reward good behavior and help a nervous pup enjoy a calm mood. The natural flavor is loved by dogs, making this a great go-to treat.

Verdict: DiamondCBD has taken an innovative approach to creating dog treats that not only look like standard dog treats, but also taste like them too. They generously educate consumers and carry forth a refund and exchange policy to ensure your overall satisfaction.

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4. HolistaPet


  • Promotes relaxation
  • Supports joint mobility
  • Available in different flavors
  • 5mg of CBD per treat
  • Savings available with subscription



HolistaPet’s products are made with 100% all-natural ingredients that include 3 unique formulas that will keep your pet craving for more. There is a wide variety of flavors to choose from for those pickier dogs who are not as food driven. Holista operates with a mission to end the imbalances caused by modern-day meds and return pets to a stable, balanced equilibrium that comes effortlessly when your pet’s body is naturally healthy. Founded by a team of  health-conscious aficionados, they combined their experience to produce some of the highest-grade CBD products available for pets.

Hemp Source: Organic hemp farms in Colorado.


These peanut butter flavored chews promote relaxation and help your over excited pup enjoy calm evenings with you. Overactive nerves are quelled, and mood is regulated, plus they’re soft and chewy for dogs who need a gentle texture.

These treats have a yummy blueberry and sweet potato flavor and are specially formulated to boost immunity and strengthen the cardiovascular system. They even promote healthy skin and coats. If your pup is dealing with any skin problems, immune issues, or breathing and digestive issues, these are a great treat to improve health and wellness.

These pumpkin spice and cinnamon flavor treats include additional ingredients, turmeric root, and Bosweilla, to increase joint strength and reduce inflammation caused by joint conditions or following any surgical care. If you’re looking to support your pup with good joint cell structure and mobility, these treats will help repair damaged tissue and stimulate tissue immunity.

These treats have a green apple and peanut butter flavor and are formulated to increase alpha wave generation, which lowers your dog’s anxiety levels. If your pup is a nervous Nelly, these treats are excellent for promoting relaxation and helping your pet maintain calm energy, no matter the circumstance.

Verdict: HolistaPet is a trusted and reputable brand, offering top quality products and conducting business in a way that has earned them the respect of their peers and customers.

5. Anxiouspet


  • High bioavailability
  • Formulated by veterinarians
  • Fast shipping
  • 60-day risk free guarantee



Anxiouspet has created their products with one major goal in mind: to reduce anxiety in pets. And that’s exactly what they excel at. In addition to their focus product, they have expanded into other target markets including pain. Featuring peanut butter flavored soft chews, there is no doubt your dog will love these treats.

Anxiouspet was inspired by a man and his dog, Boulder. Boulder experienced challenges with anxiety. Knowing the many instances that produce anxiety in pets, like moving to a new location, car rides, fireworks, and even strangers, the Anxious Pet was founded to help fellow pet parents address the needs of their own pets. Boulder’s personality, though regularly chill and docile, sometimes revealed anxiety that has since been alleviated through the use of CBD. Anxiouspet hopes to provide this same relief for other dogs.

Hemp Source: They don’t provide details on where they source their hemp, but confirm proper research and lab-testing, including third-party testing.


If your dog exhibits signs of anxiety, like over grooming, chewing on furniture, or demonstrates fear and depression, these soft chews help provide peaceful moments for your dog to settle into. Each chew is packed with 15mg of CBD to promote a relaxed, calm mood and prevent stress. This product has a non-allergenic peanut butter flavor to make it easy for your pet to get fast relief.

Verdict: The Anxious Pet provides a higher potency soft chew for your pet and is veterinarian formulated for your pup to help manage anxiety. Their 60-day risk free guarantee makes their products an easy choice.

Is CBD safe to give to your dog?

Yes, but it must be derived from hemp, not marijuana. The CBD compound occurs naturally in the plant and can be derived from either hemp or marijuana. However, the only CBD safe to use for your pet is the one derived from hemp.

Marijuana carries tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as THC, and this substance carries the potential of being toxic to pets. CBD, on the other hand, is not psychoactive for pets or humans and will not cause a high. So, when looking for a pet product, ensure it is labeled as “hemp oil” or “hemp-derived.”

In addition, you should review ingredients in brands selling CBD products. Some companies unfortunately cut corners with artificial flavors and secondary ingredients that can not only affect the efficacy of the product, but also cause harm to your pet’s system. Always look for products that have all natural, organic ingredients to confirm you’re purchasing only the highest quality ingredients for your four-legged family member.

What are the benefits of CBD for dogs?

CBD provides several different benefits for dogs, including:

  • Mobility: With age, dogs experience changes in mobility. They may not be as enthusiastic about their daily walks and may struggle to climb stairs in your home or at the local park. This is precisely why many pet parents look to CBD. Not only does CBD support joints and mobility, but it also works to relieve occasional stiffness through the support of bone health.
  • Pain Relief: Since dogs are known to hide their pain, by the time it becomes noticeable to you, whatever their condition has already worsened. Of course no pet parent ever wants to witness their furry best friend in any kind of discomfort. Whether it’s a condition that requires treatment or the pain is due to a recent surgery, CBD is a godsend that offers pain relief through its anti-inflammatory properties. During healing, CBD also works to support healthy cellular activity and encourage muscle recovery.
  • Stress Management: Dogs experience overactive nervous systems just like humans, resulting in bouts of anxiety from regular day to day stressors or during events like thunderstorms or fireworks. Fortunately, CBD is helpful with relieving stress and anxiety in dogs. CBD produces a calming effect and promotes a relaxation response, allowing your pup to feel a sense of ease, even during a thunderstorm. In addition, if your pup is regularly hyperactive, CBD can help with maintaining a relaxed mood on a regular basis.
  • Wellness: CBD does not necessarily need to treat a specific issue; it can be used to supplement an already healthy regimen to maintain wellness throughout your pet’s life. CBD boosts immune system response and supports normal cardiovascular functioning. In addition, CBD improves neurological functioning to create a healthy lifestyle, even into your dog’s senior years.

What quality factors should you look for in CBD dog treats?

Since the number of CBD brands answering the call for pet products keeps rising, you, along with many other pet parents, are likely wondering what you should be looking for to ensure you’re buying high-quality products. After all, you’re looking to enrich your pup’s life, not cause any harm.

So, to assist you with choosing only the best for your pet, below we list a few of the key items you should be looking out for when shopping for CBD pet treats.

  • All-Natural Ingredients: look for organic ingredients like coconut oil and full spectrum hemp along with supplements that have proven benefits, like Bosweilla, barley, MCT oil, and even eggs. Avoid products that list chemical byproducts like artificial flavorings, pesticides, and other hard-to-pronounce ingredients. These ingredients serve as fillers, cheapening the overall quality of the product, and littering your dog’s system with harmful chemicals and byproducts.
  • Purity: You’ll notice CBD isn’t a bargain item. It can be costly because ensuring purity and potency are costly. If you notice a bargain CBD brand, you’re likely looking at a product that has significantly reduced the purity of the CBD. This is completed with the use of secondary additives – these brands should be avoided. They are failing to keep CBD products all-natural and providing a subpar treat with potentially harmful ingredients. On the other hand, organic, high-quality brands minimize unnecessary processing to provide your pup with a pure, safe CBD product that delivers those natural medicinal benefits you’re looking for.
  • Potency: You know to look out for natural ingredients and purity, and you may be thinking that the highest potency means it’s the best product. This is not necessarily true. Your very first consideration should always be the reason you’re considering CBD for your pet. Are you looking to calm anxiety, assist with joint and mobility discomfort, or as a complementary system to support overall health? These determinations position you to purchase a CBD product best suited for your dog.

What is the right dosage of CBD for your dog?

Always start with the instructions on your CBD product. Each brand has its own recommendations, so be sure to check what they suggest for your dog’s size. However, for a general idea, CBD dosage for dogs is pretty similar to that of the dosage recommended for humans.

You’ll notice the most common and basic dose of CBD is 5mg. 0.25mg per pound of body weight is a general rule of thumb. If your dog weighs in at a total of 40 lbs., you would be safe in providing two 5mg treats.

With that said, always double check with the CBD brand’s packaging. Since each formula varies by brand, potency may be different across different products. Using the instructions provided is always your safest bet. Some brands even advise you to gradually increase the dosage, depending on how your pet responds. This may work in reverse as well, where you may need to decrease the dosage if your pup reacts strongly. Each beloved fur baby is different, so be sure to keep an eye out and honor his or her body’s response.

Are there any side effects of CBD for dogs?

There are a couple of potential side effects to CBD in dogs, including the following:

  • Dry mouth: CBD can cause lessened saliva production. To prevent discomfort, ensure your pup has plenty of fresh water to lap up after you’ve provided a CBD treat.
  • Drowsiness: Since CBD promotes a calm and relaxed mood, you may notice your pet appears sleepy. If the sleepiness affects regular activity, you may need to reduce the dose.


Whether your pup needs some help with symptoms or you’re looking for a product to supplement for the maintenance of good health, the CBD treats listed above are great options. Finding a quality product you can trust can be hard, and we hope we’ve helped you make a better informed decision.