7 Pros And Cons Of Vape Pens

There are many methods to consume cannabis but none of them are as easy and handy as a vape pen. These devices can be purchased in dispensaries and arrive in distinctive models, with some currently being disposable and other individuals just demanding the switch of a cartridge and a brief cost. They have understandably come to be some of the most well known merchandise in the cannabis marketplace, with a 50% increase in product sales concerning 2017 and 2018.

Although vape pens are not the most excessive form of consuming hashish, they’re a bit of a departure if you’re applied to smoking flower. Right here are some of the most noticeable execs and downsides of these products.

Portability and Discretion

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Vape pens are some of the most portable and discreet strategies of consuming cannabis. As soon as you have a single you won’t have to fear about wherever you shop your pen or who’s wanting at you though you vape. These devices commonly launch a much additional muted odor when in contrast to joints and pipes, and are also tricky to distinguish from e-cigarettes.

Fast Use

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A person of the explanations why vape pens are so handy is simply because you really don’t need nearly anything else (apart from the cannabis extract) to get superior. Your programs won’t be derailed by a missing lighter and you will not have to squander minutes in rolling up a joint or grinding weed and then packing it into a bowl.


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Another good component about vape pens is the actuality that they are significantly simpler to manage than bongs and dabs. Although either of individuals strategies might get you also significant from a solitary hit, this only occurs with vape pens if you acquire various hits in one particular go. Unless of course you are a starter or have tiny working experience with vaporized hashish, one strike of a vape pen won’t direct to an overdose.


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This may possibly be a professional or a con dependent on your standpoint, but flavors are definitely a single of the things that make vape pens a lot more intriguing for a broad assortment of end users. Flavors make the smoke and the cannabis style more palatable, specifically if you’re anyone who’s new to the drug and does not get pleasure from the fragrant and weedy taste and scent that happens when consuming other kinds of weed. Vape juices arrive in each individual taste, whether which is fruits, drinks, mint, and extra.

There is a Finding out Curve

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Switching from cigarette smoking cannabis flower to vaping calls for some adaptation given that the latter tends to be a large amount more powerful. A 2018 examine done by Johns Hopkins Drugs scientists analyzed two groups of subjects: one of them smoked focus and the other smoked flower. Both groups eaten the very same dosage. The analyze found that subjects who smoked concentrate seasoned more quick phrase stress and anxiety, paranoia, memory loss and distraction.

Want Charging

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As opposed to flower, bongs and dabs, vape pens should be billed. This shouldn’t be a lot of a hassle if you regularly demand your units but it could direct to some annoyance if you lose the charger or if you fail to remember and had prepared to smoke on the go.


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Vape pens, dependent on their selling price and amount of complexity, demand some care. When disposable pens can be thrown absent right after they run out of juice, extra expensive items desire frequent cleanings, defense from excessive weather conditions, a protective case and frequent demand.