5 Ways To Rid Your Home Of That Marijuana Smell

A single of the most emblematic aspects about marijuana is its odor. Similarly unique as it is attractive, marijuana’s scent is a single of the world’s most recognizable smells. It is also a single of the toughest to get rid of.

In buy to avert your fabrics and your household from reeking of weed, there are a few matters you can do, whilst it’s always greater to avert the scent around having to erase it once it settles in.

Here are 5 of the most helpful bits of suggestions when it will come to creating your household as cannabis-smell-proof as doable:

Use vaporizers

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Although there is a large amount of people who favor to smoke joints and use bongs, vaporizers are successful if you want to take in one thing discreet and that makes minor to no scent. These gadgets warmth up cannabis instead of combusting it, generating no weedy odor (or at minimum a a great deal subtler edition of it) and preserving your clothes a trip to the laundry.

Have a smoke buddy with you

Smoking Marijuana

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Smoke buddies are a small clunky, but they’re a low-cost and moveable possibility that will assistance you get rid of lingering cannabis smoke. These equipment make it possible for you to blow smoke straight into them, leaving your surroundings odor-free of charge. You can also make a sploof, which is more cost-effective and just as effective, only needing some dryer sheets and a cardboard rest room paper roll.

Have some Febreze and incense at your disposal

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Febreze works in covering up the smell of weed, even if it leaves your home smelling of chemical substances. If you desire a extra all-natural scent, you can attempt incense, which also creates a powerful and distinctive smell that will mask the odor of marijuana.

Smoke in the shower


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A frequent way to smoke cannabis on the very low is to smoke in the lavatory even though the shower is working. The drinking water must be warm in get to produce some steam, which will in switch mix up with the marijuana smoke and dissipate the smell.

Burn up some popcorn


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When this measure is severe, it is an efficient way of masking the marijuana smell. Burnt popcorn smells extremely solid and will remain in your home for several hours, perhaps even times. Even so, when choosing this solution, you are basically investing in just one scent for an additional. So hopefully you know how to get the burnt popcorn scent out of your household.