2022 Cannabis Cultivation Virtual Conference

2022 Cannabis Cultivation Digital Convention

Sponsored by Hardy Diagnostics

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Relocating Ahead in Craft Cannabis

  • Ted Harris, Founder & Executive Taking care of Director, Sweet Leaf Cash

This presentation delves into the craft cannabis marketplace, genetics, heading outside of potency, on the lookout into cannabinoids and terpenes, excellent vs. yield and substantially a lot more.

Past Terpenes: What Else Is There and Why Ought to You Care?

  • Dr. Aldwin Anterola, Chief Science Officer, Veda Scientific
  • Leo Welder, CEO of Veda Scientific

Working with GCxGC MS technologies, we observed that on typical 40% of terpene information was not accounted for by the 40 regular terpenes used in cannabis tests labs. We have also detected other unstable compounds such as alcohols, aldehydes, alkanes, aromatic and other hydrocarbons, esters, fatty acids, ketones and thiols. We will talk about the implications of this much more detailed “volatilome” knowledge like its significance in characterizing hashish, distinguishing strains from each other, breeding for desired qualities, improving excellent and regularity of hashish items, and even selecting much better and safer procedures and packaging

Hardy Diagnostics Sponsored TechTalk

  • Jessa Youngblood, Foods and Beverage Market place Coordinator, Hardy Diagnostics

Making use of Integrated Pest Management to Hashish Cultivation

  • Dan Financial institutions, CCA, Co-Founder, Precision Crop Consulting, LLC

Attendees can count on to understand about: an introduction to IPM and how this technique to pest management applies to hashish generation, the elements of an effective IPM system (Pest checking and identification, Structural & Environmental controls, Cultural procedures, Resistant varieties, Biological controls, Compliant pesticide use) and actionable recommendations and solutions relating to each individual part of a Cannabis IPM software.

Characterizing Nuisance Biofilms with NGS to Adopt Better Water Remedy Software

  • Taylor Robinson, Director of Analytical Companies/R&D, Silver Bullet Corp.

Attendees can be expecting to discover about what biofilms are, how and why do they form, what is NGS and how can it be employed in the context of biofilm examination, and how can we use modern analytical strategies to apply much more productive procedure procedures.

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