2021 Cannabis Labs Virtual Conference: December Program

2021 Cannabis Labs Digital Conference: December Program

Sponsored by ANAB, Hardy Diagnostics and MilliporeSigma.

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Cannabis Laboratory Accreditation Panel

  • Tracy Szerszen, President & Functions Supervisor, PJLA
  • Mohan Sabaratnam, Vice President, IAS
  • Kathy Nucifora, COO, COLA
  • Chris Gunning, Basic Supervisor for Accreditation Providers, A2LA
  • Aaron Biros, Editor, CannabisIndustryJournal.com

In this session, the panel responses attendee thoughts connected to ISO 17025:2017 accreditation for hashish screening labs. Learn some of the frequent troubles labs experience when searching for accreditation and discover about sampling protocols, protection difficulties, statements of conformance, calibration and significantly additional.

TechTalk: ANAB

  • Melanie Ross, Specialized Merchandise Developer, ANSI Nationwide Accreditation Board

R & D Lab Tests: Guaranteeing Achievement with Success

  • Mark Carter, president of MC Squared Enterprises

Master how R&D lab tests can help you, put together for compliance batches, productively launch new items and amp up your quality management.

TechTalk: MilliporeSigma


USDA’s Hemp Screening Principles Have Altered: Accelerate Your Lab’s Preparedness

  • Arun Apte, CEO, CloudLIMS

This presentation will take a deep dive into understanding the requirements for USDA hemp testing, the operational alterations hemp testing laboratories require to make to comply with the new hemp tests procedures and the regulatory compliance framework and quality criteria the testing labs will need to meet up with.

TechTalk: Hardy Diagnostics

  • Jessa Youngblood, Food items & Beverage Market place Coordinator, Hardy Diagnostics

Bringing a National Hemp Tests Panel to Current market

  • Josh Wurzer, Co-Founder & President, SC Laboratories

Without having clear course from the Fda, states are filling the void by creating their very own excellent benchmarks and testing necessities for hemp derived CBD goods. Unlike their THC primarily based counterparts, hemp derived CBD merchandise are being marketed throughout state traces boosting the demand for a solitary testing panel that will be compliant in every single point out. Attendees will discover:

  • The latest condition of rules nationally
  • The issues that hemp merchandise manufacturers need to be educated on to ensure compliance,
  • The problems labs experience in supplying consumers a actually comprehensive panel.

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