13 Best CBD Oil Black Friday Deals

The holiday shopping season is inching closer every day. Sales are coming up left and right. It can be hard to settle with a product with the sheer volume of choices in the CBD oil market right now. Not to mention, there is a lot of nuance between different types of CBD oils. While some have THC, others do not. Where some are full-spectrum, others are CBD isolates. So parsing through the clutter and finding thea best deals can be a hassle, especially for beginners.

We have compiled the following list of the best CBD oil Black Friday Deals to save you the pain. We will also mention the coupon or promo codes you can use to take advantage of discounts on Black Friday and other occasions.

Keep reading and claim your massive holiday season discounts!

The Best CBD Oil Deals this Black Friday

1. JustCBD Black Friday Deal – Up to 35% Off

Just CBD is a relatively new name in the CBD industry with growing popularity for its full-spectrum CBD products. It also offers broad-spectrum and CBD isolate products. Besides CBD oil, this Californian manufacturer also offers edibles, vape products, and CBD for pets.

Its products have a unique flavor without the cheap aftertaste of hemp. Mentioning hemp, the brand makes all its products from 100% US-grown hemp, ensuring consistency with quality and regulations. All of its products are third-party tested. You can see the lab results on the website by entering the relevant batch number. The CBD oil is made with natural ingredients and kosher-grade glycerin, making these products suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

JustCBD offers different potencies and flavors for its oil. You can choose from a range of six strengths: 50, 100, 250, 550, 1000, and even 1500 mg CBD oils. This spectrum of potencies can accommodate beginners and experienced users.

Get the JustCBD’s Black Friday Deal

JustCBD UK Black Friday Deal

As for the flavors, you get three choices: hemp seed, coconut, and liquid honey. The full-spectrum CBD in these products should be enough to trigger a robust response, especially in the higher potency options. Although there may not be many reviews on its website for this product, users say they enjoy this oil’s mild taste.

JustCBD also offers its customers great deals on its products given the occasion. You can use the code ‘Elf’ to get 25% off on Black Friday and Thanksgiving on all your purchases below $50. Get 30% off by using the code ‘Reindeer’ for purchases between $50 to $100. Use the code ‘Santa’ to get up to 35% on items above $100.

It doesn’t end there; JustCBD is also offering a buy one, get one free deal on its Xmas gummies. It is a huge steal considering all of its products are already less expensive than the competition. Lastly, JustCBD also provides you with a 30-day return policy. The product should be unopened, and given the state of the package on return, you can get a refund.

2. PureKana Black Friday Deal – Up to 40% Off

If you know the CBD oil market in the US, you should be familiar with PureKana. It consistently ranks among the top manufacturers in the market. It makes it one of the most popular CBD oil brands around. How did it make such a reputation for itself? Well, let’s look into it.

PureKana has been around for a while. It first entered the CBD scene in 2018 and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Recently, the company expanded its operation even further by investing in its extraction and lab-testing processes. Using state-of-the-art methods to extract CBD from hemp, PureKana can offer its customers some of the purest and most potent products on the market.

PureKana also provides third-party testing for all of its products with some of the best labs in the industry. You can look at the COAs for its products on their website. This brand also has one of the best blogs for CBD products. Moreover, their site is educational and focuses on the benefits of hemp-based products and extracts. You can also visit its online store and see the reviews for its products. As far as we have seen, people are generally happy with this PureKana.

Get the Pure Kana’s Black Friday Deal

All of its products are non-GMO, vegan friendly, and gluten-free. It also sources its hemp from organic, US-grown hemp. These features help make PureKana’s CBD oils ubiquitous and popular among people with different preferences and tastes.

Customers report that PureKana’s CBD oils are great for relieving anxiety, pain, and stress. PureKana also has special oils for helping you get better sleep and even boosting your immune system. As for the taste, PureKana also offers you various flavors to choose from: Mint, Vanilla, Citrus, Fruity, and Natural. We suggest the Vanilla flavored oils with 300,600,1000 and 1600 mg of CBD per bottle.

It offers you free shipping on all orders, which you can place on its website. To sweeten the deal, you can also get up to 40% off on your purchases on Black Friday using the code ‘BFC40.’

3. Premium Jane Black Friday Deal – Up to 40% Off

Premium Jane is one of the anomalies in the CBD market where you would see a new brand popping up every other day. Rather than offering sub-par quality products like most CBD start-ups, Premium Jane stands up to its name.

Premium Jane offers full-spectrum CBD products (with cannabinoids and terpenes), and 100% CBD isolate products with no THC. It uses an advanced solventless CO2 extraction process, which allows them to make CBD oils with potencies up to 5000 mg. Besides CBD oils, it also offers a variety of similar products, including CBD creams and CBD for dogs.

Premium Jane’s CBD oils are third-party tested for everything from heavy metals to pesticides and herbicides. It makes all of its products from Oregon-grown industrial hemp, ensuring standard quality. Its CBD oils are non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly as well. So you can purchase these products without any concern about personal preferences. You can find the lab reports for its products on its website.

Get the Premium Jane’s Black Friday Deal

As for the variety of products on offer, Premium Jane knocks it out of the park with six flavors and a range of potencies. The flavors include Citrus, Chocolate, Mint, Natural, Mint, Lime, and Peach Nectar. For strength, you have the option to choose between 300, 600, 1,000, 3000, and even 5000mg.

Although its products are not the cheapest ones around, they offer great value for the price. You get free shipping on all of your orders and a 30-day return policy if you change your mind. The customer service is excellent, and you should get a response within 24 hours if you have any questions.

Oh, and we should mention that it offers a 40% discount on its CBD oils as part of its Black Friday deals. Just use the code ‘BFCM40’ and enjoy Premium Jane’s high-quality products for a low price.

4. Tommy Chong’s CBD Black Friday Deals – Up to 35% Off

Tommy Chong is a Canadian-American comedian and a famous marijuana activist. He created this CBD company after experiencing the positive effects of cannabis. Moreover, the comedian credits marijuana with saving his life. It helped him beat cancer and made him “feel 20 years younger.” However, the lack of consistency and quality in the market inspired him to develop his own company.

In association with Dr. Clarke, a lab runner from Utah, Tommy created his personal brand of CBD products. All of their products are third-party tested to ensure quality and transparency.

Tommy Chong’s CBD has two main tinctures going for it right now: ‘Good Vibes’ and ‘Nice Dreams.’ These products come laced with ‘nano CBD,’ which is essentially a low dose of CBD. You can use these tinctures throughout the day to help improve your health and well-being.

Get the Tommy Chong’s Blakc Friday Deal

Tommy Chong’s CBD emphasizes that its nano CBD is more fast-acting than the competing formulations. The recipe makes it so that a layer of fatty tissue surrounds the CBD molecule. It lets it pass through the liver without getting destroyed and, thus, has a faster onset than regular CBD formulas.

The two tinctures also come in an ‘Am/Pm’ combo pack that you can use for effects throughout the day. Getting this pack is also a much better deal than getting the two separately. You can also purchase CBD tinctures with higher potencies, including strengths from 300 to 3000 mg.

As part of its Black Friday promotion, Tommy Chong’s CBD offers you up to 35% on its products with the code ‘BCFM35.’ You will also get free shipping and a very generous 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy. So, even if you have used the tincture and feel unsatisfied with the results, you can get a hassle-free refund from Tommy Chong’s. Policies like this one are rare in this industry.

5. Hemp Bombs Black Friday Deals – Up to 35% Off

Hemp Bomb is a Tampa-based manufacturer, and it is relatively new to the market. Fighting against the squeezing pressure of legislation against the CBD industry, Hemp Bomb is making a name for itself by positive reviews for the quality and quantity of its CBD products.

Hemp Bomb first came into the CBD market in 2016. The company behind Hemp Bomb is Global Widget; Kevin Collins and Donald Biedrzycki co-found it.

Hemp Bomb offers its products both online and in retail stores with discounts. The range of products it offers is quite extensive and can even be overwhelming for beginners. However, they do not feature full-spectrum CBD, so you might not get the entourage effect you may be looking for with CBD oils.

It gets its hemp from the US, and they also have third-party testing, which is promising for an up-and-coming brand. You can view the lab reports or COAs for its products on the website. However, we did find some of these certificates may be outdated and due for renewal.

Get the Hemp Bombs Black Friday Deal

As for its CBD oils, the flavor variety includes Natural, Chocolate Mint, Acai Berry, Watermelon, Peppermint, and Creamsicle. Among these, Acai Berry and Creamsicle stand out as the most unique. Users report that these oils helped them relax and sleep better. Besides tasting great, they also help relieve tension.

Hemp Bomb offers five levels of potency for its CBD oils going all the way from 300 mg to 5000 mg. With over 160mg of CBD per ml in the most robust solution, you can expect some intense effects from this range of oils. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced user, you should find something suitable here.

You can get up to 35% on your purchases from Hemp Bomb using the code ‘BCFM35’ on this Black Friday.

6. Green Roads Black Friday Deals – Up to 35% Off

Green Roads is an established CBD brand with over ten thousand outlets for its products across the US. Its headquarters is located in California and offers you a wide range of products, including CBD creams, CBD for dogs, and other edibles, etc.

Green Roads does not make any flamboyant claims about its product. It seems like a much more clinical and non-recreational brand than some competitors in the market. Green Roads claims that it manufactures premium quality pharmaceutical CBD products crafted high in self-standards.

Unlike some other companies, Green Roads outlines a process for creating its CBD products. First of all, it gets its hemp from regulation-compliant American farms. Then, it uses various methods, including CO2 extraction for preparing full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate extracts. It tests these for any harmful chemicals, makes products out of them, and finally sends them for testing.

An independent lab is responsible for all its product testing, and you can see the reports using the QR code on your product. These products are all non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly.

CBD oil is Green Road’s primary offering. It is made using a special formula and comes in a few flavors and potencies. The flavors include Original, Mint Breeze, and Apple Kiwi. The strengths options are 300, 750, and 1500 mg of CBD per bottle, accommodating beginners and experienced users alike.

Get the Green Roads Black Friday Deal

If you look at the reviews about their products, you can see how much recognition Green Roads is getting for maintaining high standards. Its products are legit and stand up to strict regulations and quality regulations. You can see why it is named the best privately owned CBD manufacturer in the country.

Although you can buy its oil from many locations in the country, we recommend buying online and getting 35% off your purchases. Just use the Black Friday promo code ‘BCFM35’ and enjoy your Green Road CBD oil.

7. CBDfx’s Black Friday Deals – Up to 45% Off

CBDfx is a top-of-the-line CBD oil company founded by Ali Esmaili and Jameson Rodgers. Ali currently acts as the CEO of the company. Although it has been around since 2014, there was little information about them available on its platform. However, the brand recently made its operation more transparent.

CBDfx sources its hemp from premium quality farms in the US. All of its products are lab-tested and come with a QR code for tracking legibility.

The company uses the industry-standard CO2 extraction process for preparing its extracts. Most of its products feature broad-spectrum rather than full-spectrum CBD. It can take out the entourage effect of CBD that some of you might be looking for.

It offers two types of broad-spectrum combinations now—one with CBN and the other with CBG. The CBD and CBN combination is said to help in calming the nerves. On the other hand, the CBD and CBG solution focuses more on health and well-being.

Both of these solutions come in a range of concentrations, including 500,1000,2000,4000 and even 6000 mg of CBD per bottle. Everybody should find a strength that suits them quite easily in this range.

Get CBDfx’s Black Friday Deals

CBDfx’s UK Black Friday Deal

There are a couple of interesting things we notice about CBDfx’s oils. The first is that it does not offer any full-spectrum CBD oils, despite being a famous CBD oil brand. Secondly, it provides an impressive range of CBD for pets, dogs, and cats. Thus, if you are in the market for something mild and suitable for your pet, this brand can do it all.

You can order its CBD oils online from its official site to avoid risks and get some festive discounts. Use the code ‘FEAST40’ on this Black Friday to get 40% off on your purchase. There is also a Cyber Monday discount of up to 40% off if you use the code ‘EPIC45’. Oh, and it also gives you free shipping on all orders above $35.

8. Blue Moon Hemp’s Black Friday Deals – Up to 50% Off

Blue Moon Hemp is an American CBD product manufacturer founded in 2015. Their focus is mainly on well-being rather than pharmaceutical products. Since it has been around for a while, it had sold a million bottles of its CBD oil by 2018. It was the year when the Farm Bill passed. It is a testament in itself to the quality of its products.

Its CEO, David Fleischer, notably picked up Leafwire’s Future of Cannabis Pitch Contest in the last quarter of 2018. Blue Moon Hemp also won the “Best Hemp Company” in the Cannabis Business Awards back in 2019.

Blue Moon Hemp makes its products from non-GMO and organic ingredients. The hemp is from local, quality farms in the US, while they made the CBD oil using a unique strain from Kentucky. The CBD oil or tinctures come in three flavors: Natural, Peppermint, and Berry. We would recommend the Natural flavor to anyone that takes other sweet edibles throughout the day, like CBD gummies. However, we think the Berry flavor should be good for general users. As for the potencies, you have the option of choosing from 500,1000,2000, and 3000 mg.

Get Blue Moon Hemp’s Black Friday Deal

Blue Moon Hemp uses high-speed emulsion and nanotechnology to make its oil more bioavailable. It increases the speed of the absorption process and lets the effects kick in faster. Its products are also party tested, which helps ensure quality and transparency. The oil contains almost 100% CBD without any THC, harmful chemicals residues, or solvents.

You can get free shipping on all orders above $99. You can also get 50% on your CBD oil for Black Friday by using the code ‘BFCM.’

9. Binoid Black Friday Deals – Up to 20% Off

Binoid is an LA-based cannabinoid manufacturer that offers CBD, THC, and HHC products. This brand is a little different than most other CBD product manufacturers. Rather than focusing on the mainstream CBD products, it also makes delta-9 and delta-10 products.

Being based in Los Angeles makes sense because the regulations elsewhere may not allow its operations. However, it seems the company focuses on its CBD line first, and all the contentious THC stuff comes after that.

Binoid makes its products using hemp from farms in Oregon. The strains it chooses have favorable CBD and CBG concentrations, making the products more fine-tuned. It also offers its customers various choices for its products and even holds some other brands. The wide variety can be a bit much for a newbie, though. It sells both the standard and the pet-friendly version of CBD oil, besides offering CBG oil and other products.

Besides its products, the oils it sells come in two formulas: ‘Wellness’ and ‘Calming.’ The Wellness formula has curcumin and Q10 coenzymes, while the Calming formula has added CBN. As for the potency, it ranges from 500 to over 2000 mg of CBD per bottle.

Get the Binoid’s Black Friday Deal

All of its products are third-party tested to ensure consistent quality. You can view the more detailed reports on their website. Its oils do not have any considerable concentration of THC, which makes them regulation-compliant as well.

Besides getting free shipping on your orders on their website, on Black Friday, you can get up to 20% off using the code ‘BF20.’

10. Moonwlkr Black Friday Deals – Up to 50% Off

Moonwlkr is a cannabinoid product manufacturer focusing on delta-8 products with a few CBD tinctures on offer as well. It has emerged as a curious competitor in the delta-8 market with its unique branding, flavors, and psychoactive effects.

Moonwlkr uses American hemp and makes its products under legal guidelines and restrictions in the US. It uses the industry-standard CO2 extraction process to get the extracts for its products.

Its ingredient policies, such as non-GMO, gluten-free, and cruelty-free, make its oil favorable for vegans, vegetarians, and everybody else. Its CBD oils are also USDT certified, something not every brand can boast. All their products also go through third-party lab testing with the test reports available on the website.

We can separate its tinctures into three types: ‘Gravity,’ ‘Pain,’ and ‘Sleep.’ ‘Gravity’ is simple CBD oil with no additives. ‘Pain’ is a combination of CBD and CBG oils with a. 1:1 ratio. Lastly, ‘Sleep’ is a calming mixture of CBD and CBN with a 3:1 ratio. These three types are available in two flavors, Vanilla and Peppermint. The CBD concentration varies between 1500, 1600, 2000, and 3000 mg of cannabinoids. Moreover, if you have no idea what to get, these oils have great reviews on the website, which you can navigate quite easily.

Get the MoonWlkr’s Black Friday Deal

You can buy these oils from the store and get free shipping for orders above $50. Better yet, get 50% on all products on this Black Friday without even using any old coupons or codes.

11. Medterra CBD Black Friday Deals – Buy One, Get One Free

Medterra CBD is an American CBD oil manufacturer based in Irvine, California. Its primary offering is cannabinoid tinctures or oils. However, it also has other CBD products, including creams and pet oil.

It uses hemp grown in Kentucky, US, and employs the industry-standard CO2 method for extraction. It offers full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate extract products. Moreover, its primary offering is the CBD isolate tincture with 99.6% CBD. It can give you the desired euphoria without the more psychoactive effects of THC.

This range is unflavored with potency options including 500, 1000, 3000, and even 6000 mg of CBD. The most potent solution has 100 mg of CBD per ml. Medterra also offers two other ranges of CBD oils; a mix of CBD with various hemp compounds. With a 5:1 ratio between the full-spectrum CBD and the other cannabinoids, you can buy tinctures in this range with 750, 1500, and 3000 mg potencies.

Lastly, the ‘Ultra Broad Spectrum’ range contains broad-spectrum CBD mixed with a few other cannabinoids but without THC. The lack of THC makes this range a safe option if you are up for a drug test anytime soon. This range is available in Unflavored, Strawberry Mint, and Citrus options with 1000 and 2000 mg of cannabinoids per bottle. Users reported that MedTerra’s CBD oils helped them overcome their sleep and anxiety problems. They also like the quality of the oil and the lack of THC in them.

Get the Medterra’s Black Friday Deal

Medterra’s UK Black Friday Deal

You can subscribe to Medterra to get free shipping and 30% off on your purchase. It also has a 30-day return policy if you are not satisfied with the results.

We will make the choice easier for you. It offers Black Friday deals with code ‘BLACK30’ in the UK to get30% off. Folks from the US can use the code ‘BLACKFRIDAY’ for a BOGO package. It also has a Cyber Monday deal for a buy one, get one free deal with the code ‘CYBERMONDAY.’

12. Diamond CBD Black Friday Deals – Up to 60% Off

Diamond CBD should need no introduction for those familiar with the CBD oil market. If you are in the market for any mainstream cannabinoid product, you may run into them sooner than later. Its CBD oils have won awards, and many of its other products are among the best in the industry. Besides oil, it also offers vapes and edibles like gummies.

Diamond CBD has a reputation for its surprisingly large variety of products. Based in Florida, Diamond CBD makes its products using natural and organic hemp grown in Scandinavia, Kentucky, and Colorado. Additionally, their range of CBD oils is no exception.

Here, the main offerings include the Relax Full Spectrum Range, the Full-spectrum MCT oil, and the daily boost. It also offers unflavored hemp oil for those who favor the natural taste.

The Relax Full Spectrum Range comes in five sizes, including 25, 150, 550, 1500, and 3500 mg. There is a wide variety of flavors available. The Full Spectrum CBD oil with MCT should be good for fast onset of effects if that is what you are into. It also has a CBD isolate oil with no additives or THC for those looking for something more wellness-focused. Lastly, there is the Daily Dose range. These are little syringes with a specified dose of broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate options for tailored use. The strength options include 10, 20, 33, and 50 mg per dose. All-in-all, whatever you are looking for, chances are you can find it in this unending array of products that Diamond CBD offers.

Get the Diamond CBD’s Black Friday Deal

You can order the CBD oils from its website and get 60% off on your Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and CyberMonday purchases using the codes’ YESBF60,’ ‘YESTG60,’ and ‘YESCM60.’

13. CBD.co Black Friday Deals – Up to 35% Off

CBD.co is an online American marketplace for all types of CBD products. You should find everything you are looking for on this platform, from the best quality to the best value. The goal here is to accumulate the best products available in the market under one roof and provide a convenient shopping experience.

What makes CBD.co different from any other online cannabinoid marketplace? Well, let’s look into it:

Firstly, it has a wide variety of options to choose from, and navigating the platform is easy. You can enhance your shopping experience using filters for the exact type of product you are looking for. Secondly, it has free shipping across the US. You can also collect points while shopping. You can redeem these points for rewards. Since this is not a manufacturer or a brand with its own line of products, you can find and buy some of the other products we have talked about till now on this platform. For example, you can buy Blue Moon Hemp CBD oil here besides many different brands of CBD oils.

Get the CBD.co’s Black Friday Deal

You can also see the lab reports of products it sells on the website without going to the actual brand’s website. It makes the shopping experience more trustworthy and transparent. We should mention that this is a US-only marketplace, so it does not do international shipping.

As part of its holiday promotions, you can get 35% on all CBD Oil purchases using the codes’ THANKS35′ and ‘CYBER21’ on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


That was our list of selected CBD oil deals for this Black Friday. We talked about the many types of CBD offered in the market. We also covered the various companies and their claims. While some are relatively new, others are established names in the CBD business.

We do a lot of shopping this time of the year, and for CBD users, you may consume these products every day. Hence, this might be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the discounts listed across our best CBD oil Black Friday Deals and stock up on your supply.

When the sales are over, you may have to wait for the product to get back in stock. Not to mention, the prices will climb back up. It is a great idea to seize the opportunity now and buy some CBD oil when you can!